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  • The History of Sorel Boots


    Women's Sorel Tofino Boot Women's Sorel Tofino Boot


    Winter boots are one of those favorite fashion necessities, especially since combat boots and more utilitarian-inspired boots have come back into style in full force for both men and women. One of today’s more popular and sought-after manufacturers of warm wintery footwear brands, known for beautiful styling and durable construction, is Sorel Boots. Sorels were first introduced to the market in 1962 by Kitchener, Ontario’s based Kaufman Footwear. With a reputation for high quality and warmth, the Sorel winter boot quickly became one of their best selling cold weathered boots. Continue reading

  • How to Choose Kid’s Outerwear

    Alpha Industries Kid's N-B Parka Alpha Industries Kid's N-B Parka

    If you have children, you’ll know the instinctive protective nature that comes with being a parent. There’s nothing more important than protecting your children from the world. An easy way to protect your children from the world—or at least the world’s weather—is to make sure to buy them a coat that will keep them warm. Although there are many different styles and brands of kid’s outerwear to choose from, there are a few guidelines that you should follow when shopping for a winter coat for kids. Continue reading

  • Alpha Industries: N-3B Parka & MA-1 Jacket

    Alpha Industries N-3B Parka in Black Alpha Industries N-3B Parka in Black

    Military-inspired clothes can be spotted everywhere you go, and it’s clear that they have become a fashion statement that never seems to get old. Some people wear them as a way to show the world a little of their personality; others wear them because this kind of clothing is fashionable, and there are those who wear military-inspired clothes because they are comfortable and practical. Whatever your reason to fully adopt or have a couple of pieces of military fashion in your closet is, Dave’s New York can help you find the coolest options available, so you can be sure you're on the right track. Continue reading

  • Composite Toes vs Steel Toes

    Red Wing Men’s 6-inch, Steel Toe, Waterproof Boots Red Wing Men’s 6-inch, Steel Toe, Waterproof Boots

    You count on your work gear to help get the job done. Your work clothes are no different. You need to be able to count on them for versatility, comfort, and protection. This is especially true when it comes to what you wear on your feet. The folks at Dave's New York know that footwear like the Timberland Composite Toe are often what can make the difference between a good day and a bad one. Keep reading to find out the differences in the material used in the toe of a safety shoe. Continue reading

  • The Benefits of Layering for Warmth & Coolness

    Three Layers for Dressing Warm this Winter Dressing for Cold Weather - Three Layers

    It happens to everyone: You head out to work or run off for a workout on a very cold morning, wearing a heavy jacket over your regular, lightweight clothing, and think you're going to be okay. Throughout the day, the thermometer drops, but you seem to be getting warmer and warmer in your jacket. Finally, it becomes too much to take. You thrust off your jacket and for a brief, wonderful moment enjoy the refreshing, exhilarating coolness. It doesn't take long, however, to start feeling the cold again. At first, you decide to tough it out in just your shirt. Then, after the chill turns to shivering cold, you break down and reach for your jacket. Then the whole process starts over again.

    Continue reading

  • The Best Socks for Comfort and Warmth This Winter

    Wigwam Husky Socks Wigwam Husky Socks

    The right winter socks truly do make all the difference. The right materials, the right fit, and the right selection for the desired activity are the difference between frozen feet and toasty toes. Read on to learn about winter socks, the best options for comfort and warmth, and when to wear them. Continue reading

  • Well-Made Dickies Outerwear to Consider

    Dickies JT75 Eisenhower Jacket - Black

    Dickies is a clothing brand that has long been known for the clever integration of durability and style. Not many brands can make clothes that offer incredible utility as well as visual appeal. The following are some of the most popular items offered by this US-made brand this year. Continue reading

  • Proper Care for Boots when Walking in Rock Salt

    For many people, bringing out or buying winter boots in the fall can herald lots of snowy fun to come. However, it's less fun to deal with inevitable and unsightly white stains on all those suede and leather boots while walking through all the rock salt on the sidewalks. Luckily, Dave's New York has the perfect advice for anyone trying to prevent or fix these stains. Read on to find out how!  Continue reading

  • Let's Talk Parkas…

    For those looking for a brand-new parka, to keep toasty in the chilly New York winter, have many options to choose from. There are parkas made for everyday use around the city and those made for the most dramatic of winter recreational activities including skiing, snowboarding, and skating. Selecting a parka from a store that offers a wide selection of quality parkas simplifies the shopping process, and Dave's New York wants to share 4 popular options from leading manufacturers that offer the most sought-after features and styles in winter coats. Continue reading

  • The Benefits of Red Wing and Timberland Waterproof Boots

    There's nothing more uncomfortable then when cold, wet feet interfere with trying to get a job done. In the cold weather, the discomfort magnifies and can be debilitating. A dependable work boot is essential in these conditions and they should be rugged, highly supportive, and keep your feet comfortable, warm and dry! The folks at Dave's New York would like to tell you what it means for a boot to be waterproof, and also a little bit about a few boots in particular. Continue reading

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