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  • The Best Winter Boots for Men

    Sorel Caribou

    Few clothing items are as intricately connected to wintertime as boots. Whether they are simply fashion boots or hard-working snow boots, they are designed to keep feet cozy and dry despite the wet weather. While there is certainly no shortage of boots available on the market, there are definitely some footwear that outperforms the competition when it comes to warmth, insulation and boot weight.  Here are some tips on finding the best snow boots for men in NYC this winter.

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  • Men's Outerwear Accessories to Go with Your Coat

    carhartt hat -blog 1

    The record low for the state of New York is -52 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it doesn't usually get that cold, winters can be fierce. You need to prepare with the proper outerwear for men in NYC. Here are 4 accessories that can protect your head from the cold:

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  • The Best of This Winter's Accessories

    carhartt gloves

    Finding essential outerwear for men in NYC--whether for sport, work, or everyday activities--isn't just about coats and boots. In order to stay warm and dry, you'll need to find high-quality winter accessories. From gloves to socks, there are a wide variety of options for your wardrobe. However, although there are a lot of fashionable options for winter accessories on the market, not all of them have been created equal. If you want to find clothing that is fun to look at, wear, and go out in a blizzard with, then check out some of our popular lines of essential winter accessories.

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  • Which Footwear? The Best Boots for Work This Winter

    red wing waterproof boots blog 5

    When you work in a demanding industry like construction, farming, or logging, the demands on your clothing will be significantly more intense than almost any other profession. Just because the weather gets cold doesn't mean you can slow down or curl up in a temperature-controlled office. When you're searching for work books that can withstand the conditions you need them to perform in, finding the right type of comfortable and dependable outerwear for Men in NYC can prove difficult. Luckily, we have a range of Red Wing boots products that are designed specifically for workers in harsh winter work conditions.

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  • How to Choose Your Winter Shell

    how to choose your winter shell

    If you're looking through many of the myriad options of men's coats to choose from, you might be confused by some of the technical terms and specific types of materials on the market. At Dave's New York, we have coats and parkas made from a wide range of materials. The benefits and differences between these can be confusing, so here we've created a quick guide to help you choose between hard and soft shells, as well as choose an option that will have all the attributes you need for your wintertime activity.

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  • Fit or Function? Make the Most of Your Winter Wear

    fit or function

    When the temperature begins to drop, your first instinct is to grab a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket and put in your favorite movie. While that's great for Saturday nights, what if you need to go out? If you need to brave the elements and face a cold New York City winter, a winter coat and some warm layers are absolutely necessary. But not all winter layers are created equal. Some puffy coats are all about staying warm while others are about looking good and feeling good. So what's more important, fit or function? As you can imagine, there is no single best answer. Here are a few tips to help you figure out what is best for you. For the sake of making things easy, consider fit to include both how an item physically fits and how it looks.

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  • Are You "Down" with the Best Insulation for Coats?

    are you down with the best insulation for coats

    Keeping Warm Out There

    It's starting to get cold out there. And you're out there, in the elements, travelling to and from work, taking care of errands or meeting up with friends during your downtime.  This winter, whatever you're doing out there, you want to look good, but most importantly, you want to stay warm. And keeping warm means keeping well, so you can keep staying out there. For men, finding the right outerwear in New York City is important.

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  • Quality Materials for Outerwear Made in the US

    schott blog

    When choosing outerwear, you'll want to find a coat that is made of high-quality material that can withstand even the most intense cold and that looks and fits well. A great coat can last for years, going with you on camping, hiking, ski trips or as one of your everyday go to outerwear choices.   Having several coats for different occasions is also a must, as peacoats or leather jackets can complete a variety of outfits. One of the many trusted outerwear brands in our store in New York City is the Schott brand. Schott coats are produced from American leather and wool, so when you invest in these pieces you can feel great about supporting the age-old ranching industry in the US. Here we'll tell you more about the styles and specific designs you can choose from.

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  • A Parka or Layers? How to Decide

    a parka or layers-how to decide

    Are you looking for any easy way to combat the intense cold of a NYC winter? There are plenty of great outerwear options that will keep you warm and toasty even on the coldest nights. If you are looking to stay warm, should you layer or use a winter coat? Which method is the most effective? The answer isn't as simple as you might think. Here are a few things to consider.

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  • Military-Style Snorkel Parkas: A Quick Guide

    Military style snorkel parkas

    When you hear the words "snorkel parka," two conflicting images might pop into your head: looking at fish in the tropics and outerwear that will keep you warm in a blizzard. Actually, the snorkel parka is a high-quality style of coat with a fascinating history of development. These are perfect examples of outerwear for men in NYC, or any state with freezing winters, which are fashionable, made of quality materials, and that will stay in great shape for many seasons. Here we'll give you background about the development of military snorkel parkas and how our parka selection has benefited from their evolution.

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