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  • Denim Weights: Why Lighter Is Better for Summer


    Summer is filled with all of the best things in life--lemonade, swimming pools, barbecues, vacations, and, of course, having the best summer wardrobe. One of the factors to keep in mind when choosing your summer clothes is the weight of the chosen fabric and how it will affect your comfort level. This information is especially important when choosing clothes made of denim.

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  • Comparing New Styles from Levi's: Slim Straight, Skinny, and Athletic

    541 athletic fit levis jeans

    Anyone in search of Levi's for men will be glad to know that some versatile new options are on the racks. Since 1873, when Levi Strauss and Co. released the world’s first pair of blue jeans, their styles have evolved and adapted to fit current trends. The label has recently released 3 new styles of “Levi's,” as they have come to be known, that reflect more modern taste. Of course, they still maintain the iconic numerical labeling system established by the 501 overall in 1890, as well as the quality for which the Levi’s brand has always been known.

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  • Picking The Right Jeans for Work vs A Night Out

    stack of blue lee jeans

    Distinguishing between appropriate work jeans and perfect “night out” jeans can be tricky. It can be difficult to avoid looking too festive for a serious job. On the other hand, nobody wants to look overly serious in a club. Styles have multiplied and morphed continually since Lee jeans were first developed in 1889, and U.S. consumers spend millions per year keeping up with the evolving trends. Fortunately, Lee jeans come in a wonderful selection for any occasion. Armed with some basic facts, customers can be certain to choose well every time.

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  • Classic Cotton Shorts for the Outdoor Enthusiast

    Hiker standing on the white rock formation on Milos, Greece.

    Summer is finally here and for a great many people, that means adventure is too. While it's usually clear what someone should wear to work or to work out, deciding what to wear for outdoor adventures can leave people scratching their heads. Yoga pants? Basketball shorts? Standard gym attire just doesn't seem right, but neither do blue jeans. The answer to this summertime conundrum is "athletic shorts," and by this we mean high-quality, durable brands like Columbia's ROC (Rugged Outdoor Chino), Silver Ridge, and Palmerston Peak Water Shorts.

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  • Waterproof Columbia Jackets for Cool Summer Evenings

    Portrait of fitness young woman in rainy city

    While we certainly equate summer with shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits, we can't deny that cool evening picnics usually require a lightweight jacket. Even though other stores have opted to only offer the bright, skin-bearing clothes of summer, we are proud to still offer high-quality, lightweight jackets for both men and women.

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  • Why Shop Classic Cotton Canvas?


    At last, summer has arrived! Or, at least it feels like it. With warm weather finally here and hotter weather on the way, there has never been a better time to start putting a summer wardrobe together. While some people may prefer to spend their summer days inside with the air conditioning, we all know it's more fun outside, provided someone is wearing the right gear. For someone in the market for the best men's shorts, we can't over-emphasize that nothing beats the classic look, functionality, and versatility of Columbia’s ROC shorts and pants. The ROC stands for Rugged Outdoor Chino and we would like to share why the name says it all.

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  • The History that Made Columbia Sportswear Top in Outdoor Gear

    No other name under the sun conjures up the word sportswear and outdoor gear more than Columbia. Spotting a jacket with the Columbia logo on it has been commonplace for several years. Seeing that name on any article of sportswear inspires instant confidence in its quality and durability. We at Dave's New York would like to relate to you a brief history of how Columbia Outdoor Gear rose to the top of the outdoor gear market.

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  • The Outdoors Just Got Better with Columbia Outdoor Gear

    Are you planning your next outdoor adventure? It’s vital to choose the right clothes for each activity so you can stay comfortable no matter what. Your clothes should keep you protected against the elements like rain and sun, while staying light and breathable enough to keep you cool in the heat. Keep reading to learn about the technologies that make Columbia Outdoor Gear the ideal choice for any summer outing.

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  • Step into the Outdoors with Columbia Footwear

    If you lead an active lifestyle, you know the right kind of footwear is absolutely essential. Your shoes need to be able to stand up to daily wear and tear without breaking down. They also need to provide you with enough support to let you stay on your feet comfortably for hours at a time, if necessary.

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  • Columbia's Silver Ridge Collection for Women

    Just because you enjoy the outdoors does not mean that you have to sacrifice looking great when you are out. If you spend much time hiking, camping, or simply working outside in your yard, you know that quality clothing is important. You need clothing that can sustain a lot of wear and withstand the elements. You also want clothing that is light and easy to move around in. This means your clothes need to fit properly and they need to be made of quality materials. Not only that, but if you are like most women, you also want to look great, even when you are out hiking the trails or digging in your garden. Columbia's Silver Ridge collection for women offers some great options for outdoor wear that functions well and looks stylish.

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