Accessories for Added Warmth

Carhartt A204 Fleece Neck Gaiter – Black Carhartt A204 Fleece Neck Gaiter – Black

When it is extremely cold outside, the human body's natural defense system will kick in to protect the body's core, or torso. With the average human core temperature being 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, hypothermia will begin to occur if the body temperature goes below 95 degrees. When our body attempts to protect its' core and vital organs from freezing temperatures, it naturally will pull blood away from the extremities. Sometimes, an extra layer of insulation added to the core will help warm up your extremities but you also need to cover your skin to keep it from getting frostbitten.

The less skin you have exposed, the better. Fortunately, we at Dave's New York in NYC know that quality accessories are a key defense against the cold. By protecting the extremities from extreme cold, you will be able to avoid frostbite and other serious conditions that can occur when improperly dressed for extreme weather.

First Line of Defense

The nose and ears are particularly susceptible to frostbite because people seldom cover them, and when on a bike or skateboard, the head can be exposed to a wind chill factor that causes the temperature to plummet for that individual. The Carhartt Helmet Liner Face Mask is a warm and thin fleece liner that will help keep the face and head warm under a helmet or hard hat. Another accessory option is the Carhartt Fleece 2-in-1 Headwear which is an ideal choice for any cold and windy day. Both of these accessories will wick away moisture with Carhartt's FastDry technology. The Minus33 Ridge Cuff Beanie is made of merino wool, known for its warming ability without any of the scratchiness of ordinary wool. It is breathable, warm and the beanie will stay on even during heavy activity.

Protecting Your Neck

Sometimes scarves are perceived as a fashion statement, but keeping your neck warm is just as important as the warmth of your other extremities. The Seirus Neofleece Combo Scarf is a top of the line face mask and neck warmer in one. This soft fleece and contoured mask make this comfortable and warm accessory ideal for the cold weather. The Carhartt's Fleece Neck Gaiter is another product designed to keep both the neck and face warm in harsh weather.

Carhartt A650 Impact Gauntlet Insulated Glove –Black Carhartt A650 Impact Gauntlet Insulated Glove

Hands Down Warm

People need use of their hands and fingers all of the time so it is important to keep them warm and dry to maximize full usage. You can count on the Carhartt Impact Gauntlet Insulated Glove to deliver on protecting your hands and fingers with their superior performance wicking lining, Polytex Shell, and Storm Defender breathable, waterproof technology.

Going Feet Further

When the feet are cold, the person is cold. Minus33 uses merino wool to make a sock that wicks moisture away while being designed to keep feet warm during skiing, snowboarding and other activities. Under heavy activity, sweat can be a problem even in temperatures below freezing. Fabric that moves this water away from the skin helps create a barrier of warmth for protection. Merino wool does this with incredible durability and comfort. By keeping the extremities warm with the right clothing can help contribute to the overall well being of an individual. Warm hands, warm feet, and especially a warm head are essential for surviving a harsh winter.