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  • What's the Difference Between Down Fill and Synthetic Down?

    Nobis Men’s The Shelby Military Parka - Navy Nobis Men’s The Shelby Military Parka - Navy

    Dave’s New York is located in the famous Chelsea district of Manhattan on the Avenue of the Americans, between 16th and 17th streets. Dave’s has been a family owned and operated Americana rugged and casual clothing store in New York for over 50 years. The clothing at Dave’s New York is geared toward the working outdoorsman, with everything from boots to beanies. Continue reading

  • History of Alpha Industries

    Alpha Industries N-3B Parka in Black Alpha Industries N-3B Parka in Black

    Alpha Industries started out under a different name: Dobbs Industries was founded by Samuel Gelber and Robert Lane in 1957 when they decided that they wanted to manufacture outerwear for the US Government’s Department of Defense. Soon after, they began creating Air Force flight jackets, hoods, and Army raincoats in Knoxville, Tennessee, intending to be solely a military contractor. But, Samuel Gelber saw more for his small, but growing company. A couple of years later, following the suspension of his partner Robert Lane, Gelber decided to incorporate another company with the help of his friend Herman Wynn. Hence, Alpha Industries was born. Continue reading

  • How to Choose Kid’s Outerwear

    Alpha Industries Kid's N-B Parka Alpha Industries Kid's N-B Parka

    If you have children, you’ll know the instinctive protective nature that comes with being a parent. There’s nothing more important than protecting your children from the world. An easy way to protect your children from the world—or at least the world’s weather—is to make sure to buy them a coat that will keep them warm. Although there are many different styles and brands of kid’s outerwear to choose from, there are a few guidelines that you should follow when shopping for a winter coat for kids. Continue reading

  • Alpha Industries: N-3B Parka & MA-1 Jacket

    Alpha Industries N-3B Parka in Black Alpha Industries N-3B Parka in Black

    Military-inspired clothes can be spotted everywhere you go, and it’s clear that they have become a fashion statement that never seems to get old. Some people wear them as a way to show the world a little of their personality; others wear them because this kind of clothing is fashionable, and there are those who wear military-inspired clothes because they are comfortable and practical. Whatever your reason to fully adopt or have a couple of pieces of military fashion in your closet is, Dave’s New York can help you find the coolest options available, so you can be sure you're on the right track. Continue reading

  • Comparing Winter Parkas

    Alpha Industries Slim Fit N-3B Parka in Replica Blue Alpha Industries Parka

    For those looking for a brand-new parka, to keep toasty in the chilly New York winter, have many options to choose from. There are parkas made for everyday use around the city and those made for the most dramatic of winter recreational activities including skiing, snowboarding, and skating. Selecting a parka from a store that offers a wide selection of quality parkas simplifies the shopping process, and Dave's New York wants to share 4 popular options from leading manufactures that offer the most sought-after features and styles in winter coats. Continue reading

  • Fall Hunting Clothing Guide

    Hunting and Fishing Hunting and Fishing

    When summer begins to dwindle, you may feel as if your options are limited when it comes to outdoor activities. However, that is not the case; the fall season lends itself to a number of thrilling outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and biking. Among those is the sport of hunting. Humans have hunted for all of history; however, it has evolved from primarily a means of survival to a sport as well. Hunting is a great way to unwind in the autumn, since you get to bond with your hunting buddies while enjoying nature. However, to those who have never gone on a hunting trip before, deciding what to pack may seem like a daunting task. If this sounds like your situation, fear not; we've put together a fall hunting clothing guide so that you can be prepared and comfortable for your first hunting trip. Keep reading below for more information. Continue reading

  • Fall Fishing in the East

    brown_fishAugust is almost over, and that means fall is creeping in on us. The majority of people are relatively bitter about having to layer up and kiss the beach good bye, until next season.  Fishermen, however, have been anticipating this time of year. They are ready to break out their pullover hoodies and head out to the lakes for some fall fishing. Whether it's cold, warm, salt, or fresh, the water is at its prime with hungry fish.

    Continue reading

  • Military Style Clothing & Their Real Functions

    MilitaryMen PictureThere is no questioning the fact that military style clothing has gone from functioning in the heart of battles, to stylish street wear worn by men across the globe.  But how exactly did this transition take place?  It varies from piece to piece but ranges from pop culture films to functional durable garments built to withstand the elements of Mother Nature. Continue reading

  • Alpha Industries History & Influence in the Military

    Alpha Industries LogoAlpha Industries is a leader in military inspired clothing, in part because they’ve been a major manufacturer for actual military clothing worn by American soldiers. As the company’s website points out, Alpha Industries began in a warehouse basement in 1959. Because of their superior quality, the company grew exponentially during the Vietnam War. Specializing in the manufacturing of all types of jackets and pants for the U.S. Military, they became a reliable source for producing U.S. Air Force and Naval Aviation flight jackets, Army and Marine Corps field jackets and a multitude of pants and other clothing. Today, Alpha military style apparel is still popular. The brand can be worn as casual wear and it's available for purchase to everyone. Continue reading

  • Dave's Army Navy Store in NYC - History of Selling Men’s Workwear

    In this day and age, when a family owned and operated business is still going strong after 50 years, it’s certain they are doing something right.  Such is the case with Dave’s New York.  Offering iconic branded “Americana” clothing with brands like Levi’s, Carhartt, Red Wing, Dickies, Schott, Alpha, Woolrich, Columbia and Chippewa, their lines offer essential work clothing and accessories like hats and gloves.  Dave’s in New York has been the place to shop for these work essentials since 1963 and they are still going strong.  It’s clear when you need work or casual gear, the place to look first is Dave’s NYC.

    Dave's New York

    Canada Goose Clothing provides the ultimate cold-weather coats and parkas assuring warmth in extremely cold temperatures.  When you are searching for Canada Goose, NYC has many options all available at Dave’s.  Canada Goose has been around for over 50 years, and their high quality, durable, field-tested products are just what you need to get through winter as warmly as possible.

    Carhartt WB159 Women's Work Pants


    Another hugely popular brand available at Dave’s New York is Carhartt.  Regardless of the time of year people gravitate toward Carhartt work pants, which are both durable and made of high quality materials.  However, it’s not just men’s, but Carhartt women’s work pants that are also offered at Dave’s.  Their comfortable clothing options keep men and women outfitted for their work day.

    For nearly 200 years, Woolrich Clothing has been known for their comfort, quality and value.  When you’re looking for Woolrich, New York has great options at Dave’s New York.  Popular choices are Woolrich coats, specifically, the Woolrich Arctic Parka.  Woolrich coats and parkas provide warmth with high tech materials like Dupont Teflon Fabric Protection.

    Alpha N-3B Military Snorkel Parka - Sage Green


    For military type jackets and coats, Alpha Industries has many options available at Dave’s.  Known for iconic replica flight jackets and military parkas the Alpha Industries N-3B Slim Fit Parka is a perfect option for extremely cold temperatures.

    Perhaps there is no other brand which stands out more in the US, than Levi’s.  Of course, known for their denim, Levi’s Jeans are a consistent staple in many closets.  Offering both classic work jeans, they also offer trendier styles, like the Levi’s 514, a great option for spring socializing.

    If work boots or safety boots are on your list of must-haves, you will be happy to know Dave’s carries a wide variety of Red Wing Boots.  Started over 150 years ago Red Wing is known for its quality, premium leathers, craftsmanship, durability and comfort.  If you need a good work boot or safety boot to get through your day, you can most definitely rely on Red Wing.

    Red Wing Model Waterproof Wedge Sole Boot


    If you need a good army-navy store, NYC has great selections at Dave’s New York.  From the aforementioned Alpha Industries, to Rothco Military options as well as Schott military coats, there are plenty of army and navy styled clothes available at Dave’s.

    Dave’s New York has an array of options from top Americana brands, whether you’re looking for work gear or even casual clothing.  With top brands offering high quality apparel, regardless of if you’re trying to stay warm in the winter, or as cool as possible in the summer, Dave’s NY will have what you need.

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