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  • Protecting Your Feet from the Cold

    Red Wing Men’s 8-inch Waterproof, Insulated Boot – 1412 Red Wing Men’s 8-inch Waterproof, Insulated Boot

    For people who work outside, keeping warm and cozy in the winter time can be a challenge. Layering your clothes is the best way to protect your body from temperature fluctuations that frequently occur during the winter months.  Cold weather gear should include a moisture wicking base layer such as a merino wool top and bottom, a mid layer that can be easily added or removed and outerwear that protects from the rain, snow and wind.  A hat,  gloves, socks, ear protection, scarf and other accessories should always be handy but perhaps the most important part of the body to protect is the feet. Continue reading

  • Types of Boots for Work and Play


    When guys do their shopping, they don't want to have to go to dozens of stores to find all of the things on their lists. Getting in, finding the best-quality products to suit their needs, and then leaving satisfied is what they really want. Looking for boots for work or play shouldn't have to be a large production. Going to a store that carries a large Red Wing boot selection can provide you with a variety of styles that can meet your needs. Whether you want boots for backpacking or working on your construction job, one of the following brands will work for what you are planning to do—no shopping around required!

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  • Work Boots for Men from Irish Setter Boots

    Formed in 1950 as a division of Red Wing Shoes, Irish Setter boots, with their distinct durable, high quality construction, have become staples for hunters, farmers and all of those in industries requiring a solid work boot.  Each offered with qualities to meet specific work needs, check out a few of the options of Irish Setter work boots available at Dave’s New York:

    Irish Setter 83601


    If a steel toe isn’t needed for your occupation, the Irish Setter Soft Toe Work Boots are a great option.  In a full grain, waterproof Hazelnut Voyageur Leather this boot does have an EH (Electrical Hazard) Safety Rating.  For dependable durability, you can rely on the direct-attached welt construction providing a tight bond between the welt and sole platform.  With a Comfort Trek Sole which is dual density for underfoot comfort and slip resistant, regardless of how long you’re on your feet during the day, you can depend on these Irish Setter men's boots.  The boots also have a removable polyurethane foot-bed and non-metallic shank.

    Irish Setter Steel Toe Logger


    For a rugged, durable, classic logger boot, look no further than the Logger Irish Setter Steel Toe Boot.  With a defined heel the boots are both insulated and waterproof helping to keep you comfortable and protect you against the elements.  The full grain waterproof dark brown pueblo leather boots also have a removable polyurethane foot-bed and steel shank.  The Irish Setter work boots have Goodyear Welt Construction as well as 400 gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation.  To assure traction on any terrain, the boots are complete with aggressive Stars & Bars Logger Sole.

    Irish Setter 83600


    These Irish Setter 83600 work boots offer not just a safety toe, but have ASTM Safety Ratings of F 2413-05, M I/75, C/75 and EH.  With full grain waterproof Hazelnut Voyageur Leather, your foot will remain dry even in wet conditions.  If you’re concerned about comfort, the Irish Setter work boot offers a Comfort Trek sole which is dual density for not just comfort, but provides a safety benefit as it is slip resistant as well.  The direct-attached welt design provides a tight bond between the welt and sole platform for durability purposes.  Also included in these boots is a removable polyurethane foot-bed and a non-metallic shank.

    Irish Setter offers a variety of work boots, each perfect for specific occupations or outdoor hobbies.  Keeping you comfortable and constructed with a high regard for durability and with technology specific to the footwear industry, they are certain to have a work boot which fits each of your needs.

  • Diplomacy from Irish Setter, Dickies and Levi’s

    The United Nations General Assembly opened today here. Along with gridlocked traffic and fully booked hotel situations, we had diplomats, from hundreds of countries speaking dozens of languages, all in one place. Or, as we like to call it in New York: just another day on the A train. They’ll talk about this, that and the other, get some work done, make some progress with what ails us. We hope. In the meantime, we’ve created a whole diplomatic composition for you:

    Irish Setter Work Steel Toe Logger

    Irish Setter Boots provides both security and comfort with the Irish Setter Work Steel Toe Logger #83810 Boots. These rise eight inches high to hug your ankles. They’re insulated and waterproof, and the dark brown Pueblo Leather will weather to perfection. Inside, you’ll find a polyurethane footbed that’s removable. A steel shank keeps everything solid, and the stars and bars logger sole is terrific to prevent slips and resist chemicals and abrasions. Top, premium quality here.

    Dickies Long Sleeve Work Shirt

    Dickies Shirts puts you in a whole other league with its Dickies Long Sleeve Work Shirt . You have the benefits here of a cotton/poly twill with a Visa stain release finish to help wick moisture from your body. There’s an extra long tail involved here—great for wearing untucked or sure to stay tucked into your trousers; your pick. They’ve given this a workwear fit across the shoulders and through the sleeves. Available in Dark Navy, Black, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Olive Green and Khaki.

    Levi's 501 Original Button Fly

    Levi’s Jeans defined jeans, none better than with the Levi’s 501 Original button Fly Jeans. Here in all its original glory, they’re as timeless as they are contemporary. The all-cotton denim is highlighted by a button fly, with an original and quintessential “anti-fit” styling. They sit right at the waist and have a straight leg and 17-inch leg openings, great for wearing over either boots or sneakers. Available in Tidal Blue, Black, Rinse, Dark Stonewash, Medium Stonewash, and New Metal.

  • In Step with Chippewa, Red Wing and Irish Setter

    So much depends on the feet. They give us mobility, help us keep our balance, deliver our strides. They reflect our determination. We use phrases like “step forward,” “step up,” “stand tall” and “stride right.” With all that attention to the feet, you deserve to have the best coverage for them. With all respect to the Native American proverb, “Never criticize a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins,” we think that when you slip your feet into a pair of our selection you just might walk more than a mile…and feel so comfortable that you forget all about the whole criticism thing.

    Chippewa Lace Up Boot

    Chippewa's boots starts us off on the right foot with the Chippewa Lace Up Boots. From the Vibram gum-lite sole to the top of the six-inch high ankle-hugging support, these are tough boots for tough situations. The chocolate Apache naked brown leather wraps around your feet, and that leather will wear and age gracefully under pressure. Inside there is a lightweight fiberglass shank, always at work, and your cushioned, padded orthotic lining is removable.

    Red Wing Lifestyle Work ChukkaRed Wing shoes steps into the groove with its Red Wing Lifestyle Work Chukka. These only look casual; they’re designed for rugged work conditions and are perfect to adapt to your every scenario. You have soft oil slick leather from foot to ankle. You’ll enjoy the Euro-Traction tread wedge sole. And  the Goodyear welt construction keeps everything perfectly together. Red Wing has taken the best of style and practicality to make a terrific pair of shoes.

    Irish Setter Soft Toe Work Boots

    Irish Setter boots is a pacesetter, and the Irish Setter Work Boots are proof. There’s quality stitched through and through. And we’re speaking literally. You have the added benefit of a removable polyurethane footbed, and terrific ratings for resistance to slips, oil, chemicals and abrasions. They’ve also used a direct-attach welt design to create an optimal bond between the sole and the welt, providing optimal waterproofing. Add to that a full grain leather that’s also waterproof, and it all adds up to an excellent pair of boots.

  • Start with Irish Setter, Schott NYC and Levi’s

    The headline of the message that came into our in-box: “What Successful People Do With The First Hour of Their Day.” It involves not reading your email, and that was the first message we read this morning, and, well, they at least could’ve sent that one this afternoon. We’re just saying. Their suggestion: a lot of breathing, a lot of the heavy lifting stuff you’d put off until the afternoon. We disagree. Instead, we highly recommend spending at least part of that hour going through your collection of quality clothing from Dave’s New York to choose the perfect combination. Here are three choices to add to your better morning selection process:

    Irish Setter Work Logger Boots

    Irish Setter shoes sets a terrific foundation for your morning with the Irish Setter Work Logger Boots. First of all, when you slip them on they rise eight inches up to surround your ankle padded and soothing thanks to the layer of Thinsulate insulation inside. Outside, that’s a full grain dark brown leather that’s waterproof. Down below, the well-defined heel anchors a “stars and bars” logger sole. The footbed is made of polyurethane and is removable. And there’s a steel shank in there, keeping everything solid as you go about your day, free from slips, oils, abrasions and chemicals.

    Schott Classic Perfecto Jacket

    Schott NYC outerware continues to build on its century-long reputation with the Schott Classic Perfecto Jacket. Available in Black, you are enveloped in quality leather to, well, perfection. There’s a belt that lines the front of your jacket, buckling right at the center. The front zipper is just off-center, adding even more to the stylish flair, and your pockets and sleeves are also zippered. Inside, you’ll find the airy comfort of a nylon quilted lining that also provides great insulation.

    Levis 559 Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans

    Levi’s jeans helps you start the morning right with a pair of Levi’s 559 Relaxed Fit Jeans. They’ve tailored these to fit right at the hip and just below your natural waist. And, well, they’re oh so relaxing—relaxed through the seat, relaxed through the thighs. You might take a look at these and feel so relaxed that you’ll want to take a nap. We advise to put ‘em on and start your day. The straight leg will fit over a pair of boots and are also great to bunch over a pair of sneakers. Available in Indie Blue, Tazer and Rebuilt Dark.

  • Irish Setter, Carhartt and Levi’s Create a Sensation

    The Basketball Trivia Department of this blog wants you to know that today is Jeremy Lin’s birthday. Yes, that Jeremy Lin, he of the Linsanity inspiration, who sparked the New York Knicks and helped lurched them toward exciting greatness for a bit last season. What we mean to say is that not only was Linsanity a short-lived phenomenon here in New York, it also sparked a fashionable appreciation of the possibilities of basketball (emphasis on fashionable). A thing like that can spark a trend, a statement. The same thing can happen when you wear that perfect item of clothing. As in:

    Irish Setter Work Boots

    Irish Setter boots provides a trend setter with its Irish Setter Work Boots. Take in those lines of stitching and the cross-hatched lacing patterns. And now slip them over your feet. You’ll luxuriate in the padded Comfort Trek footbed. You’ll appreciate the full grain leather wrapping around, and it’s waterproof, providing protection from the elements. These boots are exceptional at resisting slips, abrasions, oil and chemicals. And the soles are non-marking. So you can walk hard and leave things as they were.

    Carhartt Ironwood Denim Work Shirts

    Carhartt shirts helps establish your strong and memorable presence with its Carhartt Ironwood Work Shirts. These are made of all-cotton denim, cut just slightly smaller than a traditional work shirt, yet you’ll still have plenty of room for full movement while at work or leisure. Those buttons are pear-colored snaps, adding ease and style all at once. They’ve built in western-shaped yokes on the front and back, framing your frame perfectly. And the main seams are triple-needle stitched, making for one strong, handsome shirt. Available in Rinsed Blue.

    Levi's 514 Slim Straight Jeans

    Levi’s jeans continues to make you feel and look sensational, and the Levi’s 514 Jeans provide the perfect example of this. These are among the slimmest jeans in the Levi’s stable, cut close in the seat and thighs. They also sit jbelow the waist, for just-under-the-hip comfort. That’s a zipper fly keeping things together. And that’s a 17-inch leg opening, ideal for sneakers and bots alike. Available in Tumbled Black, Indigo Wash, Coated, Overhaul, Tazer (Black), and Tumbled Rigid.

  • Levi’s, Carhartt and Irish Setter for Post-Olympic Gold

    Now that the Olympic Games have finished, in spectacular style, the Tabulations Department of this blog has, um, tabulated the medal count and the results are in: The athletes from planet Earth have, once again, won every medal in every possible category, proving once again that we absolutely dominate the galaxy when it comes to sports. We send our hearty congratulation to the planet for this amazing display of athletic prowess. And now with hints of autumn in the air, we invite you to bask in the glow of our medal count with these terrific selections:

    Levis 501 Original Button Fly

    Levi’s jeans always takes the Gold, and your Levi’s 501 Jeans will keep you victorious. These provide the foundation for so many wardrobes; they go perfectly with just about anything and everything, from casual to dressy occasions. Enjoy the pride of craftsmanship. The button fly. The quintessential anti-fit, The straight legs. The roominess through seat and thighs. You’ll be right at home in these, from the very first time you put them on. Available in Medium Stonewash, Tidal Blue, Black, Rinse, Clean Rigid, Dark Stonewash, and New Metal.

    Carhartt S211 Mens Snap-Front Denim Work Shirts

    Carhartt shirts celebrates our olympic sprit with the Carhartt Denim Work Shirt. Made from 100% cotton denim that’s been dyed a deep Denim Blue, you’ll love the feel and the look of this one. The white pearl snaps—down the front, on the pocket flaps, at the cuffs—add excellent contrasting highlights. They’ve triple-stitched the main seams to provide extra durability for a shirt that works with you. Plus, the Western-shaped yoke, front and back, adds great flair. And your collar is highlighted by a snap closure on a separate band. Looks great untucked. Looks great tucked in. Looks great.

    Irish Setter Soft Toe Work BootsIrish Setter boots is the pace setter, stride for stride, with its Irish Setter Soft Toe Work Boots. Developed with the safety and comfort of your feet in mind, these have a full grain hazelnut leather upper that is waterproof. The stitching is contrasted and the rivet hardware is made of brass. You have a removable polyurethane footbed. Incredibly durable, these are also top rated for resistance to chemicals, oil, slips and abrasions. That sole? Non-marking, naturally.