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  • Protecting Your Feet from the Cold

    Red Wing Men’s 8-inch Waterproof, Insulated Boot – 1412 Red Wing Men’s 8-inch Waterproof, Insulated Boot

    For people who work outside, keeping warm and cozy in the winter time can be a challenge. Layering your clothes is the best way to protect your body from temperature fluctuations that frequently occur during the winter months.  Cold weather gear should include a moisture wicking base layer such as a merino wool top and bottom, a mid layer that can be easily added or removed and outerwear that protects from the rain, snow and wind.  A hat,  gloves, socks, ear protection, scarf and other accessories should always be handy but perhaps the most important part of the body to protect is the feet. Continue reading

  • The Benefits of Shoes with Leather and Rubber Soles

    Red Wing Men's 6-Inch Waterproof Boot - 406 When it comes to shoes, there are a lot of different options out there. One of the most popular trends in the work boot world right now is shoes with a mixture of leather and rubber soles. There are a few different brands that offer shoe models with this feature, but the foremost manufacturers on the market are the Red Wing and Timberland brands. They provide some incredible benefits. The following is a list of just some of these: Continue reading

  • The Safety Measures Behind Red Wing's Footwear

    red wing 6 inch WP composite toe-model 2260-image 1

    In general, being comfortable in your footwear is very important but when your workplace requires that you wear protective footwear then comfortable footwear can impact how well you work when on the job.  Although there are safety footwear options available in the market, it is rare to find protective footwear that meet the necessary standards for a high risk job but are comfortable and look good as well. We've found that Red Wing footwear, though, happens to do all of these things. But before you shop for the right shoe that looks good and suits your needs, it is important to be aware of what this brand promises. There are safety measures that go into quality control at Red Wing, ensuring that their products can actually keep your feet safe from damage or injury. Here are the many standards their shoes must live up to in order to hold the Red Wing name.

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  • The History of the Red Wing Shoes' Styles

    Red Wing Shoe Company gets its name from where it was first located: Red Wing, Minnesota. In 1905, Charles Beckman a successful shoe merchant noticed that various jobs required specific kinds of shoes. From loggers to miners, these workers needed shoes that could handle the day-to-day tasks at work and were also comfortable to wear. With 14 other investors, he took his vision and created the Red Wing Shoe Company Here are a few of the styles of Red Wing boots in New York City and the history behind them:

    iron ranger heritage boot model 8111


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  • Red Wing Boots and Safety at Work

    One of the great developments of the 20th century in America was workers' rights. These helped regulate working conditions so that children could go to school rather than work in factories, shift times were standardized, workplaces were sanitary, and work with hazardous components was subject to safety regulations. All of these developments have continued to place a large part in workers' well-being. We carry a variety of work boots that comply with standards set down by the government to keep people safe on the job. Red Wing boots have features that are in-line with labor standards.

    red wing 6 inch steel toe model 2206

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  • A Brief Guide to Red Wing Boots History

    At the beginning of the 20th century, industry was getting off the ground in the US. Numerous products were being invented, produced, and tested. In 1905, Charles H. Beckman, an immigrant from Germany, created the company Red Wing Shoes. He organized the shoe company in the town of Red Wing, Minnesota, near the Mississippi River, and named his business after its location. Dave's New York carries an extensive selection of Red Wing boots in New York City and have benefited from the successful evolution and vision of Beckman. We'd like to share the story of how these shoes and boots have had a history of improving quality.

    original red wing boot 1905 Continue reading

  • A Guide to the Red Wing Collection of Heritage Boots

    red wing iron ranger boot

    For just over a century, Red Wing has been producing shoes and work boots that are elegantly aesthetic and functional in the toughest industries. From farming to construction, Red Wing in NYC has supplied individuals with quality leather and cognizant design that takes into account the requirements that have been developed to ensure that workers' feet are protected. Charles H. Beckman started the company in 1905, and his legacy of style continues to be present in the Heritage Line that we've found integrates vintage aesthetics into shoes that fulfill today's needs.

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  • Types of Boots for Work and Play


    When guys do their shopping, they don't want to have to go to dozens of stores to find all of the things on their lists. Getting in, finding the best-quality products to suit their needs, and then leaving satisfied is what they really want. Looking for boots for work or play shouldn't have to be a large production. Going to a store that carries a large Red Wing boot selection can provide you with a variety of styles that can meet your needs. Whether you want boots for backpacking or working on your construction job, one of the following brands will work for what you are planning to do—no shopping around required!

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  • Red Wing Boots: Combining Technology and Durability

    red wing 405

    If you are on your feet a lot in a job in the industrial world, then you know the importance of good work boots. Here at Dave's New York, we offer a variety of options that can meet your different needs through your job. Some of the most popular models we have at the moment are in our Red Wing boot line.

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  • Red Wing Boots: Still Union Made in the USA

    red wing model 606 and 607

    When your work is tough, it is important for you to be tough as well. This means showing up in the right attire to tackle your job with ease and strength. Here at Dave's New York, we fully understand this need. For this reason, we have made sure to have plenty of quality work boots in stock. We also understand that American-made boots have some of the best quality and features, so our selection comes from union factories right here in the U.S.

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