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  • What's the Difference Between Down Fill and Synthetic Down?

    Nobis Men’s The Shelby Military Parka - Navy Nobis Men’s The Shelby Military Parka - Navy

    Dave’s New York is located in the famous Chelsea district of Manhattan on the Avenue of the Americans, between 16th and 17th streets. Dave’s has been a family owned and operated Americana rugged and casual clothing store in New York for over 50 years. The clothing at Dave’s New York is geared toward the working outdoorsman, with everything from boots to beanies. Continue reading

  • Taking Man's Best Friend on a Hike

    How to Hike with a Dog


    Hiking or backpacking with your dog is a fun and fantastic way to spend time outdoors in nature and bond with your dog. There’s no better way to spend some time off than with your beloved, furry friend while taking in a sensational view. Your dog gets tired of sitting in the house all day too, you know. Treat it to more than just an average walk around the old block, and take it on your next big, outdoor journey. Continue reading

  • Camping Guide for Beginners

    Going camping for the first time? Read this guide before you head out.


    Camping is the best way to reconnect with the great outdoors. But if you’ve just started camping or would like to get out there for your first time, you need to be sure that you’re well-prepared. There’s a wealth of information out there on what you need to bring camping and how to ensure that you have a safe trip. The clothes that you bring will make a huge difference in your experience, so don’t underestimate the value of investing in high quality clothing. Continue reading

  • Tax Deductible Clothing

    The Red Wing Steel Toe Insulated Work Boot


    Did you know certain clothing can be tax deductible? While not all pieces qualify, if you buy apparel specifically for work, you may be able to claim it as a deduction and save money! To determine which items qualify, it’s best to speak to your accountant, but be sure to save your receipts if you purchase any of these great pieces for work. Continue reading

  • Colorful Clothing Options For Men This Summer

    Celebrate summer with great men's fashion.


    Now that summer in full swing, it may be time to update your wardrobe. From trees bursting with green leaves to flowers around everyone’s door, this is the season of bold, vivid colors. You can easily take a cue from Mother Nature and add some color to your own look. Besides giving you some versatility in your everyday work wear, it’s been said that bright colors help to lift our moods. Here are some ideas on how to wear them this summer. Continue reading

  • Military Style Clothing & Their Real Functions

    MilitaryMen PictureThere is no questioning the fact that military style clothing has gone from functioning in the heart of battles, to stylish street wear worn by men across the globe.  But how exactly did this transition take place?  It varies from piece to piece but ranges from pop culture films to functional durable garments built to withstand the elements of Mother Nature. Continue reading

  • Alpha Industries History & Influence in the Military

    Alpha Industries LogoAlpha Industries is a leader in military inspired clothing, in part because they’ve been a major manufacturer for actual military clothing worn by American soldiers. As the company’s website points out, Alpha Industries began in a warehouse basement in 1959. Because of their superior quality, the company grew exponentially during the Vietnam War. Specializing in the manufacturing of all types of jackets and pants for the U.S. Military, they became a reliable source for producing U.S. Air Force and Naval Aviation flight jackets, Army and Marine Corps field jackets and a multitude of pants and other clothing. Today, Alpha military style apparel is still popular. The brand can be worn as casual wear and it's available for purchase to everyone. Continue reading

  • Levi's Military Cargo Pants for Men - Pants and Shorts

    Levi cargo pants for men will be a great addition to your closet this spring and summer.  Perfect for a more casual work environment, including those places with some light outdoor work, these are also great for socializing on evenings or weekends.  These military style cargo pants and shorts are also great options for your spring and summer landscaping projects and tackling other outdoor jobs as well.  Men’s Levi cargo pants are constructed with the high quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from the brand and are durable and easy to care for.  This season, you can’t go wrong with military style pants from Levi’s!

    Levi's Men's Ace Cargo Pants - Harvest Gold


    In a Harvest Gold color that will coordinate with nearly all colors of shirts and shoes, these Levi’s army cargo pants are a practical option for the season.  The 8.3 ounce 100% cotton pants are a great weight for the warm weather and are also comfortable.  The Ace cargo pants are constructed with a super soft twill and a soft pre-wash, known as Levi’s 60 Minute Wash.  Just as you would expect with military cargo pants for men, they have a multitude of pockets, including a smartphone pocket in the right cargo pocket.  They are also equipped with side and back pockets each with an Arcuate Flap, a pocket divider in the right front pocket and a patch pocket in the in the left front pocket.

    Levi's Men's Ace Cargo Pants - Black


    These Ace black Levi cargo pants are constructed with the same softness, pocket features and durability of the above but in a traditional black color.  Just as the cargo pants in Harvest gold, they sit below the natural waist and are relaxed through the seat and thigh.  The tapered leg opening narrows from the knee to the ankle concluding with a 16.5” leg opening.  In terms of comfort, style and durability, Levi’s pants for men simply cannot be beat.

    Levi's Ace Cargo Shorts - Ivy Green


    For the really hot days, green Levi cargo shorts will be greatly appreciated.  Still durable enough for your outdoor work needs, the casual shorts are good for more social type occasions such as lunches or getting together with friends and tossing around a football.  Once again these are pre-washed with the Levi’s 60-minute Wash for a soft finish and are made of a lightweight 6.6-ounce cotton twill.  Sitting below the waist, the Levi’s loose cargo pants have a relaxed fit though the seat and thigh and a 10¾” inseam.  Once again, well equipped with pockets, the short’s pockets have Arcuate flaps, and the pocket divider in the front right pocket, is specially placed for smartphone storage.  There is also a patch pocket in the left front pocket.  Levi’s cargo work pants for men are great options throughout the summer season for work or play.

    Levi’s military cargo pants for men are smart options for the warm weather season, as they are durable enough for work, but comfortable and stylish enough for socializing as well.  With various color options and either in full length pants or shorts, these will quickly become summer staples as Levi is certain to make a cargo pant to easily meet your needs.

  • Dave’s Army Navy Store in NYC

    Military style clothing is really gaining in popularity, both for its looks but also for its high quality.  If you want to incorporate more military style clothing into your wardrobe, there is a perfect army navy store in NYC.  Whether for work, play or social occasions, the military styles available at Dave’s New York are durable and constructed to last.  You no doubt want an army and navy store where you can find pants, shorts, jackets, tees, hats and more and Dave’s offers all of that and then some.  Carefully selected brands all of which offer high quality military style clothing and gear are present, so whether your desire for military style clothing is because of the looks or out of necessity, you’re sure to find it at Dave’s.

    Rothco Military Vintage Paratrooper Cargo Pants


    With military style woven 8-pocket detailing, these Rothco Cargo pants easily fit into your wardrobe and are an option similar to Levi’s Army Cargo Pants.  Prewashed for a softer feel, the Rothco military style cargo pants fit relaxed through both the seat and thigh while maintaining a regular fit at the bottom of the leg.  Military style clothing like these cargo pants are easy to wear in certain work environments as they allow for movement and durability, but can also be worn in more casual social situations as well.  As would be expected, there are adjustable pull tabs at both the waist for a custom fit and ankle to adjust the length as needed.

    Alpha N-3B Military Snorkel Parka


    For help in enduring cold and wet outdoor conditions, this Alpha N-3B Military Snorkel Parka is a great option.  Developed for crew personnel subjected to extreme cold climates, the N-3B is not only warm, but also water repellent with a DuPont Type 6-6 Nylon Flight Satin Outer Shell.  While the water is kept at bay, you’re certain to be warm with a 100% nylon flight lining and polyester batting interlining.  When you are equipped with apparel from Alpha Industries in New York, regardless of the weather, you’ll be warm and dry in their all of their military style clothing.

    Rothco Military Style Duffle Bag


    Offered in three sizes, the Rothco Military Clothing style duffle bag is perfect for any spring travel plans, or even just a change of clothes for the gym.  Top loading, each bag is constructed with reinforced cotton canvas and a shoulder strap and clip to close.  For easy carrying options, the military style duffle bag has a side handle.  Available in either olive of black, as mentioned, they are offered in three sizes: Large (21” x 36”), X-Large (25” x 42”) or XX-Large (30” x 50”).
    Whether you are searching for stylish military gear to don while out with friends, or need durable items to keep you properly outfitted at work, Dave’s New York is a great option for a top army navy store in NYC.  With great selections from brands like Alpha Industries, Rothco, Schott and others, they can easily handle all of your military style clothing and product needs.

  • Rothco Military Style Cargo Pants

    For over 50 years Rothco, a family owned business originating in Manhattan, has been supplying a large variety of military clothing, including boots, t-shirts and of course, cargo pants to the public.  Their solid, reliable, steadfast pieces have earned them a favorite spot on the lists of most, and when you combine their boots and clothing with the care and quality taken to make them, their pieces will quickly become a favorite of yours as well.  Just as you would expect, Dave’s New York has a great selection of Rothco Clothing, including the below cargo pants.

    Rothco Vintage Paratrooper


    Due to its solid black color, these Rothco vintage paratrooper cargo pants are not just a great option for social events on the weekend but in some work environments as well.  The pants have a classic military style seat and fit, which means the fit is slightly relaxed through the thigh with a regular fit towards the bottom.  The Rothco pants have an adjustable waist making for easy sizing and once again, have a standard military feel with their woven cotton/polyester blend and eight pockets.

    Rothco Camo Cargo Pants


    Another great option in the Rothco camo cargo pants line are the above pants in a traditional Woodland Camo color.  With the same features as the above pant in black, these two Rothco cargo pants also have adjustable pull tabs at the waist and adjustable pull tabs at the ankle for adjusted length if necessary.  They come pre-washed for a softer feel and more comfortable fit and are each equipped with olive drab military style washed hang tags.

    BDU Pants


    The Rothco military style B.D.U. pants (Battle Dress Uniform) are superbly made meaning you will be able to maximize the life of them wearing them well into the future.  The 100% cotton pant is constructed with Nylon rip-stop thread and they also have a button fly.  There are cargo pockets on either side for extra storage.  The Rothco pants are commercially made in genuine Military Army Style and have adjustable tabs at the side of the waist.

    Cargo pants are a great option for many weekend or evening social events and when appropriate are good for work as well.  Because Rothco cargo pants are made with such care and quality, with proper care, you are certain to be able to wear them for years into the future.  Check out the entire selection of Rothco cargo pants and their entire military inspired line available at Dave’s New York.

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