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  • Why Wear Merino Wool?

    Minus33 Chocorua Men’s Midweight Crew Minus33 Chocorua Men’s Midweight Crew

    Wool is a misunderstood clothing fabric. Many people are under the misconception that all wool is scratchy and itchy, but that is not the case. The itchiness that some people experience is related to the fiber diameter used to make the garment. Luckily, all wool garments are not made from the same size fiber. We, at Dave's New York, understand the importance of comfort as well as function and we would like to share some information about why many people love wearing wool clothing, specifically merino wool. Continue reading

  • Brats, Beer and Socks....

    Wigwam Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Crew Socks in New York Wigwam Everyday Fusion Socks

    Long before the town of Sheboygan, Wisconsin became known for their beer and bratwursts that made their city famous, it was the lumber industry that first drew settlers there. Many of the settlers were of German descent. Of course, lumberjacks do work up an appetite and thirst, and given the ethnicity of its early residents, this may go a long way toward explaining the town’s fixation on making the perfect bratwurst and imbibing in the beer that made their homeland famous.Yet, anyone who has visited the Badger State, outside of summer, knows that it can get pretty chilly. Continue reading

  • The Best Socks for Comfort and Warmth This Winter

    Wigwam Husky Socks Wigwam Husky Socks

    The right winter socks truly do make all the difference. The right materials, the right fit, and the right selection for the desired activity are the difference between frozen feet and toasty toes. Read on to learn about winter socks, the best options for comfort and warmth, and when to wear them. Continue reading

  • The Best of This Winter's Accessories

    carhartt gloves

    Finding essential outerwear for men in NYC--whether for sport, work, or everyday activities--isn't just about coats and boots. In order to stay warm and dry, you'll need to find high-quality winter accessories. From gloves to socks, there are a wide variety of options for your wardrobe. However, although there are a lot of fashionable options for winter accessories on the market, not all of them have been created equal. If you want to find clothing that is fun to look at, wear, and go out in a blizzard with, then check out some of our popular lines of essential winter accessories.

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  • Fall Fishing in the East

    brown_fishAugust is almost over, and that means fall is creeping in on us. The majority of people are relatively bitter about having to layer up and kiss the beach good bye, until next season.  Fishermen, however, have been anticipating this time of year. They are ready to break out their pullover hoodies and head out to the lakes for some fall fishing. Whether it's cold, warm, salt, or fresh, the water is at its prime with hungry fish.

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  • Summer Hiking Checklist

    Be as prepared as a professional for your next hiking trail.


    Summer is in full swing. Why stay inside all day when the wonders of the world are waiting to be discovered? This sun filled season provides a great way to escape one’s everyday worries and duties. With a little bit of nature on your side, you’ll feel better and ready to take on anything. Try taking a day trip to a hiking trail you've been meaning to test and leave your stresses at home. But before you head off, you have to be prepared for your journey. If you want to hike like a professional, you have to pack like one. Continue reading

  • Practical Gift Ideas For Men

    Shopping for men is easier than it may seem.


    It is said that men are simple literal creatures, they mean what they say, and women are the ones who over analyze them. Women should take them literally. But that can be almost impossible to do. Sometimes we over think things, we turn them into complicated human beings thus complicating our lives further. If they were so simple and easy to manage, gift buying wouldn't be such a hassle, yet it is. Here are some good ideas for getting the men in your life a gift that will fit his simple needs. Continue reading

  • Useful Accessories for Construction Workers

    The Wigman 40 Below Insulated Boot Socks are sure to keep you warm!


    We all know construction workers need a different set of apparel and accessories than traditional office workers or other industry professionals. If you're working in construction, the right type of gear is essential, whether you're putting up a new office building or paving a road. If you’re just getting into the industry or you need to update your current work gear, Dave’s New York has a huge selection of apparel and boots appropriate for the demands or your job, as well as useful accessories.

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  • Wigwam Insulated Socks

    With winter in full gear, snow and gusts of wind can literally shake us to the core.  Dressing for the weather is a necessity and Wigwam socks are sure to help keep you warm this season.  For over 100 years, Wigwam has been producing fine winter wear socks that are not just warm, but constructed well also.  Besides being knitted in the U.S.A., Wigwam uses wools that whenever possible are grown in the U.S.A. and American yarn spinners as well.  Dave’s New York has an amazing selection of Wigwam socks to help get you through the next few cold-weather months.

    Wigwam Canada Crew Sock


    The Wigwam Canada Sock is an ideal option for extremely cold temperatures and will even wear well with heavy duty boots and work boots.  With a fortified Olefin sole for durability and superior wicking ability it is also constructed for comfort purposes, as it is cushioned all over.  These Wigwam socks are made of a composition of 48% wool, 25% acrylic, 17% Nylon and 10% Olefin.

    Wigwam El-Pine Winter Wool Socks


    Made with rugged 3-ply yarns for ultimate reinforcement, the Wigwam Wool Socks are proud to be the original heavy rag wool sock.  Constructed from heavyweight homespun wool, these Wigwam socks also have both a fortified heel and toe and a true fit leg.   Those fortified attributes contribute to both longevity through the season, and also the ability to stay-put during a long work day.  Because they are made with 81% wool, 15% Nylon and 4% Spandex, these socks are ideal for cold winter days.

    Wigwam 40 Below Insulated Boot Socks


    For protection against extremely cold weather, the Wigwam 40 Below Insulated Boot Sock is a perfect option.  The thermal insulated boot sock is fully cushioned, making them not just warm, but as comfortable as possible.  These Wigwam socks will wear well with either your winter boots or work boots making them ideal for all day outdoor projects.  The cold weather socks are made from 50% wool, 48% Nylon and 2” Spandex.

    If you work in an industry where time spent outdoors is a must, even during the winter months, Wigwam socks are a perfect cold weather option for you.  Made in the U.S.A. with high quality wools and other materials, they are not only built to protect your feet from the cold, but to also wear well and last throughout the season.   Just as you would expect, Dave’s New York has a great selection of Wigwam socks to help keep you warm during the frigid winter months.

  • Excellent Shoes from Red Wing, Vasque and Timberland

    Shoes have been around for some nine thousand years. The oldest leather shoe found to date was from in a cave in Armenia…crafted with pride in 3,500 BC. How great it is to go barefoot, to feel that sand or the grass between the toes. In our office, we don’t have sand or a lawn, so we wear shoes. We think that’s a pretty good idea. You avoid hot asphalt, discarded chewing gum, grime and sharp things. Everybody wins. Try on these shoe selections. Your feet will thank you:

    Red Wing Wedge Sole

    Red Wing has been making quality footwear for more than 150 years, and the Red Wing Wedge Sole Boots are worthy contributors the tradition. That’s full grain, oil-tanned, water-repellent leather you see, stitched together in a pleasing and strong manner. Soft of toe at the front, the back rises up six inches, giving you an ankle-hugging protection. Inside, you’ll love the leather insole that resists sweat. And on the bottom, you have the great benefit of a cushion crepe wedge sole that provides your feet with flexibility and a non-slip texture.

    Vasque Mantra GTX

    Vasque ups the comfort and styling factor with the Vasque Mantra GTX. This is a crossover shoe that’s equal at home on your foot on the hiking trail as it is for a casual walk in the urban jungle. And the Vibram bottom is terrific for absorbing any sort of element, from the forest carpet to the ribbons of city concrete. Your footbed is a dual density EVA standard, and the midsole provides an added layer of protection. Plus, you have a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane that’s designed with a technology to give extreme comfort.

    Timberland PRO Brown Oxford Shoe

    Timberland PRO has been leading the was for superbly engineered footwear, and Timberland Brown Oxford Shoe is no exception. You have all-over lightweight comfort here, with soft leather on the outside, giving you a quick break-in time. Inside, the anti-microbial design will keep your foot dry, with that polyurethane midsole keeping you comfortably cushioned. Outside, you have robber outsoles that are constructed to resist slips, oil and abrasions.

    Happy walking.

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