Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry with Wigwam Socks

Wigwam Canada Heavyweight Boot Socks (F2064) – Grey/Black Wigwam Canada Heavyweight Boot Socks (F2064) – Grey/Black

Wigwam Mills, established in 1905, has a long history of making quality and reliable products. Know as an innovative company, Wigwam has expanded and shrunk their product line over the course of their 110+ year history as they experienced successes and flops with their products. Throughout it all though, Wigwam Mills has consistently maintained a strong commitment to their employees, community and to the production of quality headgear and outdoor and athletic socks. They make products designed for active individuals who are passionate about their lifestyles. This awesome line of socks and headgear are sold at Dave's New York.

One of the things that sets Wigwam apart is their Ultimax fusion technology. Ultimax fusion technology took multiple years to perfect, and it is a process that knits a sock and liner into one fabric. There are few proprietary sock technologies in the market today, but this is one of them. This technology both repels and absorbs moisture at the same time. This combination can help keep your feet dry and blister-free at the same time. This ensures you can get the warmth of a wool sock and the moisture wicking power of a synthetic sock without having to wear two pairs of socks at the same time.

The knit-in liner is made out of Olefin, which is a moisture-repelling fiber designed to push the moisture away from your foot to the outer wool layer. Any sweat produced by your foot will be pushed to the outside of the sock, where it can quickly dry.

Wigwam Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Crew -Grey Wigwam Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Crew -Grey

Top Products

Wigwam offers many great products. First, one of their best products is the Wigwam Canada Heavyweight Boot Sock. This sock is one of the thickest and warmest socks available in the market, and with a very modest price point, it is designed to keep your feet warm and to last. This product is made of a blend of wool, nylon, and Wigwam-patented Olefin fibers to keep your feet dry and warm at the same time.

Other great products include the Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Crew and the El Pine Heavyweight Wool Sock. The Cool-Lite Hiker is a lightweight crew sock that is designed to keep your feet comfortable and dry when on outdoor adventures. It includes Dri-Release technology that is located on the bottom of the sock and designed to quickly let your feet dry out. The El Pine is the original Ragg Wool Sock, built tough with wool, stretch nylon and spandex for years of warmth and protection. This sock is perfect for outdoor activity, whether wearing boots or sneakers.

Wearing the right socks can make big difference with your comfort level and warmth during the winter months. If you are looking for a brand that can offer you a selection of quality socks to choose from as well a socks designed for specific activities, then check out Wigwam Mills at Dave's New York.