Moisture Wicking - The Tech in Tees

Carhartt Force Extremes Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Carhartt Force Extremes T-Shirt

When shopping for workwear, you will no doubt come across the term “moisture wicking.” These specially designed fabrics provide many important benefits for men in and out of  the workplace and are in high demand by amateurs and professionals alike. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this important technology, now’s your chance to see why apparel with moisture wicking capabilities are a must-have.

What is Moisture Wicking?

Moisture wicking fabrics are synthetic fabrics or blends designed to pull (wick) moisture away from your skin and up to the top layer of the fabric, where it can quickly evaporate. This means that you’ll stay drier whether you’re working up a sweat or you get caught in the rain. Moisture wicking material is used extensively for tough shirts that are designed to keep you at the ideal temperature like Carhartt’s Force Cotton T-Shirt or Force Extremes T-Shirt. Both of these shirts are designed for ease of movement and to dry quickly to promote an increased comfort level.

Benefits of Moisture Wicking Clothing

Moisture wicking technology is also known as 37.5 technology, because it's designed to help maintain your core body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and keep the microclimate next to your skin at the optimal 37.5% humidity. Keeping excess moisture away from your skin helps you feel cooler on hot days and can help prevent hypothermia on cold ones. Wicking fabrics have other benefits as well. A temperature of 37.5 degrees not only keeps you more comfortable, it's also your ideal performance zone, so you'll be able to perform the duties of the job better, for longer periods of time. Our bodies already have a built in thermo-regulating system which is designed to cool the body down when temperatures rise. The perspiration that comes off our skin during activity cools the body down by releasing heat through the pores, in the form of moisture. With 37.5 technology, the fabric will capture and release moisture vapor, sweat is removed from the microclimate, and the wearer is left with a more comfortable garment.

The North Face Reaxion Amp Crew Neck Tee Shirt The North Face Reaxion Amp Crew Neck Tee Shirt

When to Choose Moisture Wicking Tees

Moisture wicking tees are the best choice for anyone spending time outdoors this summer. Workers, athletes, and hikers can take advantage of these practical yet stylish shirts, like The North Face’s Reaxion Amp Crew Neck Tee Shirt, to keep their peak performance day after day. Even people working  indoors can benefit from a moisture wicking shirt's ability to help them stay dry and comfortable. Rugged shirts like the Columbia Men’s Thistletown Park Crew are also perfect for anyone whose job takes them outdoors. Not only does this shirt wick away moisture, it’s designed to be flexible, but not baggy, and comes with built-in UV protection as well. Stop in Dave's New York, when in NYC, to shop for t-shirts with moisture wicking technology.