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  • The Differences Between Waterproof Boots and Water-Resistant Boots

    Red Wing Model 606 Work Boots Red Wing Model 606 Work Boots

    In the mid-1900s, work boot design started to target specific trades and address the needs of a wide variety of workers employed by the nation’s ever-growing industrial sectors.

    Over the years, the comfort and durability of these boots improved, and their popularity soon spread to hunters, hikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and other recreational fans. With more and more consumers looking for high-quality boot options to meet their increasing needs, manufacturers evolved their designs by addressing functionality issues. Continue reading

  • Red Wing Boots and Safety at Work

    One of the great developments of the 20th century in America was workers' rights. These helped regulate working conditions so that children could go to school rather than work in factories, shift times were standardized, workplaces were sanitary, and work with hazardous components was subject to safety regulations. All of these developments have continued to place a large part in workers' well-being. We carry a variety of work boots that comply with standards set down by the government to keep people safe on the job. Red Wing boots have features that are in-line with labor standards.

    red wing 6 inch steel toe model 2206

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  • A Brief Guide to Red Wing Boots History

    At the beginning of the 20th century, industry was getting off the ground in the US. Numerous products were being invented, produced, and tested. In 1905, Charles H. Beckman, an immigrant from Germany, created the company Red Wing Shoes. He organized the shoe company in the town of Red Wing, Minnesota, near the Mississippi River, and named his business after its location. Dave's New York carries an extensive selection of Red Wing boots in New York City and have benefited from the successful evolution and vision of Beckman. We'd like to share the story of how these shoes and boots have had a history of improving quality.

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  • A Guide to the Red Wing Collection of Heritage Boots

    red wing iron ranger boot

    For just over a century, Red Wing has been producing shoes and work boots that are elegantly aesthetic and functional in the toughest industries. From farming to construction, Red Wing in NYC has supplied individuals with quality leather and cognizant design that takes into account the requirements that have been developed to ensure that workers' feet are protected. Charles H. Beckman started the company in 1905, and his legacy of style continues to be present in the Heritage Line that we've found integrates vintage aesthetics into shoes that fulfill today's needs.

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  • Types of Boots for Work and Play


    When guys do their shopping, they don't want to have to go to dozens of stores to find all of the things on their lists. Getting in, finding the best-quality products to suit their needs, and then leaving satisfied is what they really want. Looking for boots for work or play shouldn't have to be a large production. Going to a store that carries a large Red Wing boot selection can provide you with a variety of styles that can meet your needs. Whether you want boots for backpacking or working on your construction job, one of the following brands will work for what you are planning to do—no shopping around required!

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  • Red Wing Boots: Combining Technology and Durability

    red wing 405

    If you are on your feet a lot in a job in the industrial world, then you know the importance of good work boots. Here at Dave's New York, we offer a variety of options that can meet your different needs through your job. Some of the most popular models we have at the moment are in our Red Wing boot line.

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  • Work Wear for Farmers

    Fashion on the farm is less about style and more about being comfortable and safe. Work wear should have plenty of function built into its form. It is important to find something that is long lasting and durable.

    Stay Cool and Comfortable.


    In these hot summer months, it is of the utmost important to stay cool. You don’t need to wear flannel and have a heatstroke. Instead, try some lightweight fabrics when selecting your shirts. During the unbearably warm days, Carhartt lightweight t-shirts keep you cool and comfortable. With four color options, these t shirts are 100% cotton jersey knit. These rib-knit crewnecks have a left chest pocket, perfect for storing small utensils (such as writing implements). A rolled forward shoulder adds additional comfort, while the side-seamed construction lessens unnecessary twisting.

    Try these super sturdy gloves for extra durability on the farm.


    Farm, or ranch and land maintenance work involve a heavy use of your hands. So, it is extremely important to protect them. Selecting the right pair of gloves for your job is essential. You’ll want to make sure your hands are safe and protected. Find a good fitting pair of leather gloves, a real hallmark in the ways of ranch and farmland work. The gloves are made of Suede Cowhide. Featuring a wraparound palm and thumb patch for a better, intense grip, this pair of gloves is essential when investing in products that are steeped in durability.

    Channel your inner cowboy with these great blue jeans.


    Nothing beats a pair of quality blue jeans for everyday operations on the farm. Traditional blue jeans are a go to for farm workers. They are comfortable and offer quite a bit of protection from the elements. Try the Wrangler Pro Rodeo Unwashed Cowboy Cut Jeans. With authentic five pocket styling, this heavyweight, sanforized  broken twill denim has minimal shrinking, making it optimal for farm work.

    Wrangler Pro Rodeo Unwashed Cowboy Cut Jeans

    Wrangler Pro Rodeo Unwashed Cowboy Cut Jeans

    Wrangler Pro Rodeo Unwashed Cowboy Cut Jeans

    Great work boots are necessary for life on the farm.


    Every worker's outfit need's a solid foundation. The farm is no place for sneakers or flip flops. Go for a sturdy pair of workman's boots instead. The Red Wing Model #435 is a waterproof work boot with a leather upper that is guaranteed to keep you dry, perfect for any and all work on the farm. Its king toe provides great room in the toe box for optimal comfort. It also features a removable footbed and an oil and slip TPU galaxy sole.

    Working on a farm is no easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and determination, all of which can be very taxing on your clothing. Make sure, when choosing what to wear, to go for clothing that is sturdy, comfortable, and lasting. You want your wardrobe to be durable and lasting, just like your work.

  • April Showers Bring out the Waterproof Work Wear for Men | Carhartt, Redwing

    We all enjoy spring, but all of us know the old adage, “April showers bring May flowers,” typically holds true.  If you have an outdoor job, or work that needs to be done outside, regardless of whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, you will need to be equipped to endure the elements.  If you are properly prepared with waterproof work essentials, you will be able to remain dry, despite what Mother Nature is throwing your way.  These work essentials range from waterproof work clothing to footwear like Red Wing waterproof work boots.  Below are some great waterproof clothing options for the upcoming season.

    Red Wing Model # 405 Waterproof Wedge Sole Boot


    While waterproof work boots are essential in the spring, Red Wing waterproof wedge sole work boots are even better helping to assure water doesn’t seep in from underneath your feet.  This particular pair of Red Wings is constructed with a full grain waterproof leather and RW Dry Layered Waterproofing System.  As mentioned the sole is also waterproof and the blown rubber traction tread is both lightweight and durable.  This is an excellent option for those of you working with oil or gas, and it also has an EH safety rating.  You will certainly appreciate men’s waterproof work boots when working in wet conditions this spring.  If you’re worried about the cold, be sure the check out the Red Wing insulated waterproof work boots at Dave’s New York as well.

    Carhartt C72 Waterproof Work Coat


    Having to endure a rainy day outdoors is much easier with a waterproof work coat.  The Carhartt C72 waterproof jacket is great for not just the rainy days but cool spring days as well.  The breathable, nylon shell has a waterproof finish as well as a waterproof breathable membrane.  When needed, and the rain is really coming down, a snap-on, removable, contoured, three-piece hood with adjustable drawcord is also available.  The waterproof work coat comes equipped with a heavy duty, two way zipper with a storm flap as well as an interior waist drawcord, two outer hand pockets with zipper closures and two interior pockets with hook-and-loop closures.

    Carhartt B204 Work Flex Rain Pants


    These Carhartt B204 Work Flex Pants are another option for wet-weather conditions.  Made with a 100% polyester knit fabric and complete with a polyurethane coating, the waterproof work pants are durable yet lightweight.  Not just waterproof but also wind resistant the pants offer stretch for an improved range of motion while working.  For extra durability major seams are both heat sealed and sewn to assure the pants hold up while you’re moving, stretching and bending.  They also offer adjustable inseam lengths with cut-off seams and interior pockets for knee pads with hook-and-loop closures.  Waterproof pants, and waterproof work wear clothing in general, will prove invaluable this spring season.

    No need to be concerned with April showers coupled with working outdoors this spring.  There are plenty of waterproof work wear options that will assure you remain dry while on the job.  With these waterproof work boots, jackets and pants you will be equipped to endure anything Mother Nature throws at you this season.

  • Work Boots for Men from Irish Setter Boots

    Formed in 1950 as a division of Red Wing Shoes, Irish Setter boots, with their distinct durable, high quality construction, have become staples for hunters, farmers and all of those in industries requiring a solid work boot.  Each offered with qualities to meet specific work needs, check out a few of the options of Irish Setter work boots available at Dave’s New York:

    Irish Setter 83601


    If a steel toe isn’t needed for your occupation, the Irish Setter Soft Toe Work Boots are a great option.  In a full grain, waterproof Hazelnut Voyageur Leather this boot does have an EH (Electrical Hazard) Safety Rating.  For dependable durability, you can rely on the direct-attached welt construction providing a tight bond between the welt and sole platform.  With a Comfort Trek Sole which is dual density for underfoot comfort and slip resistant, regardless of how long you’re on your feet during the day, you can depend on these Irish Setter men's boots.  The boots also have a removable polyurethane foot-bed and non-metallic shank.

    Irish Setter Steel Toe Logger


    For a rugged, durable, classic logger boot, look no further than the Logger Irish Setter Steel Toe Boot.  With a defined heel the boots are both insulated and waterproof helping to keep you comfortable and protect you against the elements.  The full grain waterproof dark brown pueblo leather boots also have a removable polyurethane foot-bed and steel shank.  The Irish Setter work boots have Goodyear Welt Construction as well as 400 gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation.  To assure traction on any terrain, the boots are complete with aggressive Stars & Bars Logger Sole.

    Irish Setter 83600


    These Irish Setter 83600 work boots offer not just a safety toe, but have ASTM Safety Ratings of F 2413-05, M I/75, C/75 and EH.  With full grain waterproof Hazelnut Voyageur Leather, your foot will remain dry even in wet conditions.  If you’re concerned about comfort, the Irish Setter work boot offers a Comfort Trek sole which is dual density for not just comfort, but provides a safety benefit as it is slip resistant as well.  The direct-attached welt design provides a tight bond between the welt and sole platform for durability purposes.  Also included in these boots is a removable polyurethane foot-bed and a non-metallic shank.

    Irish Setter offers a variety of work boots, each perfect for specific occupations or outdoor hobbies.  Keeping you comfortable and constructed with a high regard for durability and with technology specific to the footwear industry, they are certain to have a work boot which fits each of your needs.

  • Chippewa Boots

    For a durable boot solid enough for work but also general outdoor activities, look no further than Chippewa Boots.  An American favorite since 1901, only the finest and most durable oiled leather is used, making their boots resistant from the wear and tear of everyday use.  Chippewa uses only the highest quality outsoles, helping ensure their longevity.  Their boots do not contain any plastic and are equipped with only the finest brass, steel and heavy-duty stay tied laces.  Whether you’re looking for styles for the rugged outdoors, lodge field or are a street warrior, take a look at the Chippewa Boots available at Dave’s New York.

    Chippewa Apache Lace Up


    The Chippewa Apache lace-up boot has a 6” height to help protect ankles and comes in a classic lace up style.  In a Chocolate Apache Leather, which is dark brown oil tanned, this unlined leather boot is made from welt construction and also has a 5-Iron Texon Insole.  Handcrafted in America, this Chippewa Boot does not have a steel toe and is conveniently offered in two widths: D width (medium) or EE width (wide).

    Chippewa 6-inch Lace Up Boot


    Another great lace up boot option is the Chippewa 20065.  In Chocolate Apache Brown leather, it’s a 6” high, non-steel toe boot complete with Goodyear Leather Welt Construction.  With a lightweight Fiberglass shank, and a Vibram Stockbridge Gum-Lite sole, these Chippewa Boots are sure to get you through your day, whether that involves outdoor work or play.  The American made boot has antique brass hardware which creates a nice look and for comfort purposes comes with a removable cushion orthotic.

    Chippewa Boots Street Warrior


    The Chippewa Street Warrior boot is an American made motorcycle boot.  Known throughout the country for their motorcycle boots, this Chippewa boot is an 11” Black Engineer Boot and is equipped with a Texon insole.  The steel toe boot has a safety rating of ASTM F2413-05 and with its black oil shade has a leather vamp lining.  Just as you would expect, this boot is handcrafted in the USA and is available in either a D width (medium) or even an EE width (wide).

    Although Chippewa Boots are best known for their motorcycle boots, their other outdoor boots are perfect for the work you need to get done during your busy day.  The selection available at Dave’s New York offers everything you may need in an outdoor boot whether you’re riding your motorcycle or clearing away brush or debris.