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  • Military-Style Snorkel Parkas: A Quick Guide

    Military style snorkel parkas

    When you hear the words "snorkel parka," two conflicting images might pop into your head: looking at fish in the tropics and outerwear that will keep you warm in a blizzard. Actually, the snorkel parka is a high-quality style of coat with a fascinating history of development. These are perfect examples of outerwear for men in NYC, or any state with freezing winters, which are fashionable, made of quality materials, and that will stay in great shape for many seasons. Here we'll give you background about the development of military snorkel parkas and how our parka selection has benefited from their evolution.

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  • Marathon Types to Choose From

    Marathon Running Marathon Running

    Marathons are a very popular activity to take part in all over the world. Participants feel an unparalleled sense of accomplishment after completing a long-distance event. They push themselves for 26 miles to improve their endurance and prove that they have the self-discipline required to finish such a task. Marathoners also receive a sense of community from taking part in a marathon, because of the mostly non-competitive nature of the activity and the respect that everyone has for their fellow participants.

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  • Military Style Clothing & Their Real Functions

    MilitaryMen PictureThere is no questioning the fact that military style clothing has gone from functioning in the heart of battles, to stylish street wear worn by men across the globe.  But how exactly did this transition take place?  It varies from piece to piece but ranges from pop culture films to functional durable garments built to withstand the elements of Mother Nature. Continue reading

  • Alpha Industries History & Influence in the Military

    Alpha Industries LogoAlpha Industries is a leader in military inspired clothing, in part because they’ve been a major manufacturer for actual military clothing worn by American soldiers. As the company’s website points out, Alpha Industries began in a warehouse basement in 1959. Because of their superior quality, the company grew exponentially during the Vietnam War. Specializing in the manufacturing of all types of jackets and pants for the U.S. Military, they became a reliable source for producing U.S. Air Force and Naval Aviation flight jackets, Army and Marine Corps field jackets and a multitude of pants and other clothing. Today, Alpha military style apparel is still popular. The brand can be worn as casual wear and it's available for purchase to everyone. Continue reading

  • Rothco Military Style Cargo Pants

    For over 50 years Rothco, a family owned business originating in Manhattan, has been supplying a large variety of military clothing, including boots, t-shirts and of course, cargo pants to the public.  Their solid, reliable, steadfast pieces have earned them a favorite spot on the lists of most, and when you combine their boots and clothing with the care and quality taken to make them, their pieces will quickly become a favorite of yours as well.  Just as you would expect, Dave’s New York has a great selection of Rothco Clothing, including the below cargo pants.

    Rothco Vintage Paratrooper


    Due to its solid black color, these Rothco vintage paratrooper cargo pants are not just a great option for social events on the weekend but in some work environments as well.  The pants have a classic military style seat and fit, which means the fit is slightly relaxed through the thigh with a regular fit towards the bottom.  The Rothco pants have an adjustable waist making for easy sizing and once again, have a standard military feel with their woven cotton/polyester blend and eight pockets.

    Rothco Camo Cargo Pants


    Another great option in the Rothco camo cargo pants line are the above pants in a traditional Woodland Camo color.  With the same features as the above pant in black, these two Rothco cargo pants also have adjustable pull tabs at the waist and adjustable pull tabs at the ankle for adjusted length if necessary.  They come pre-washed for a softer feel and more comfortable fit and are each equipped with olive drab military style washed hang tags.

    BDU Pants


    The Rothco military style B.D.U. pants (Battle Dress Uniform) are superbly made meaning you will be able to maximize the life of them wearing them well into the future.  The 100% cotton pant is constructed with Nylon rip-stop thread and they also have a button fly.  There are cargo pockets on either side for extra storage.  The Rothco pants are commercially made in genuine Military Army Style and have adjustable tabs at the side of the waist.

    Cargo pants are a great option for many weekend or evening social events and when appropriate are good for work as well.  Because Rothco cargo pants are made with such care and quality, with proper care, you are certain to be able to wear them for years into the future.  Check out the entire selection of Rothco cargo pants and their entire military inspired line available at Dave’s New York.

  • Schott Outerwear

    For the occasions when you want to stay warm and beat the frigid temps, but do not want to compromise your style, take a look at Schott Outerwear.  Currently celebrating their 100 year anniversary, Schott outerwear has been produced in New York City, since 1913 and has kept gentleman warm and stylish in their winter gear.  The high quality American original garments are also responsible for several first in men’s outerwear: in 1928 they produced the first motorcycle jacket, which is still sold today as well as the army’s first bomber jacket.  Dave’s New York has great options from Schott that will help you stay warm and stylish all winter long.

    Schott Wool Blend Car Coat


    For occasions your clothing requires you to be a little more dressed up, this Schott Car Coat is a perfect option.  The wool coat is longer in length with a 31” back length to help block wind and cold temperatures.  The satin lining throughout the inner coat is smooth and comfortable, while the knit rib collar insert on top of the wool collar again provides additional warmth and comfort.  This Schott Jacket is a timeless style and because of its durability will last for winter’s to come.

    Schott Military Style Coat


    To keep extreme frigid temperatures at bay, this Schott Double Breasted Military Style Coat is the perfect option.  Constructed of heavy Icelandic Cowhide this slim fitting coat is up to the task of keeping you warm.  With military style double breasted buttons and a 32” back length, this Schott Coat is just what you need to stay warm while outdoors this winter.

    Schott Classic Wool Pea Coat


    This Schott Wool Pea Coat is offered in traditional styling and is made just like they made it in the military, with 32 ounce Melton wool and military anchor buttons.  The Schott Pea Coat is equipped with hand warmer pockets, a vented back and nylon quilted lining.  Using an interlocking and pressing technique before the wool is actually cut ensures maximum protection against the elements.  This is a stylish option for suits but also looks good with jeans on the weekend.

    Schott jackets, coats and parkas are great options for winter, keeping you warm, but also doing so by looking good with your dress clothes.  Made to be both durable and long lasting, these stylish pieces can help keep you outfitted for winters to come due to their classic looks.  Dave’s New York has a great selection of Schott pieces to choose from all of which will keep you warm during the cold winter months.

  • Military Style Clothing

    Military style clothing can be found in numerous work environments due in large part to its durability and versatility.  For clothing that gives you both of those features plus flexibility in movement, take a look at military style options.  Depending on your profession, the below are styles you may find appealing:

    Rothco Military Vintage Paratrooper Cargo Pants - Olive

    Rothco has a constantly reliable selection of military inspired clothing including these Military Cargo Pants.  With eight total pockets and simplified sizing due to an adjustable waist, these have impeccable quality and are constructed to last.  These pants fit in classic military style – slightly relaxed through the thigh and regular fit at the bottom.  With a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester they clean up easily in the washer and dryer.  Not only are they equipped with the pull tabs at the waist for the aforementioned adjustable waist, but the zipper fly pants also include adjustable pull tabs at the ankle for an adjustable length as well.  The Cargo Pants have also been pre-washed for an immediately comfortable fit and soft feel.

    Alpha N-3B Military Snorkel Parka - Gun Metal Grey

    This N-3B Snorkel Parka is the ultimate cold weather necessity.  Made by Alpha Industries, it was actually developed for crew personnel subjected to extremely cold climates and is mainly issued to air crews assigned to troop transports, helicopters and strategic bombers.  While your day-to-day activities might not be that intense, you’re certain to appreciate its quality and durability, not to mention an outer shell constructed of water repellent DuPont Type 6-6 Nylon Flight Satin.  This has a 100% nylon flight lining and polyester batting interlining, and also is constructed with elbow reinforcement patches.  The parka also has a full length storm flap and adjustable hood with take-up strap and tunneled drawstrings.

    Schott Leather Flight Jacket

    Schott has a nice genuine naked cowhide leather bomber in this Leather Flight Jacket.  It’s also a 4-in-1 combination that can be worn four different ways: with collar and pile liner on, with collar but no pile liner, with pile liner but no collar, or lastly, without pile liner or collar.  Lined with a polytwill it also comes equipped with two two-way entrance front pockets, bi-swing back, knit waistband and knit cuffs.

    As mentioned, military styled clothing is versatile, is built to last, and is naturally made to be easy to move in.   It’s also easy to appreciate the high quality of each of these garments, knowing their original purpose was for the high demands of military personnel.

  • Alpha N 3B Parka

    Not many can say the dedication and engineering put into their coat is on the same caliber as the United States Military. You can if you’re wearing the Alpha N-3B Military Snorkel Parka, though. Alpha Industries became a proud recruit for the United States Department of Defense in 1959. Technology was evolving, so the needs of soldiers being able to keep up were as well. Enter Alpha. Their expertise in better designed and produced coats kept them in contract with the DOD for decades. Alpha is still producing coats, and you can still count on the same high military standards to be put into your coat as well.

    This jacket was designed for crew personnel, who had to endure extreme temperatures on a regular basis. The N-3B features a water repellent outer shell to keep you warm and dry, even in those wintry mixes. The adjustable hood is made of faux-mouton, and features a removable trim of extra soft synthetic coyote fur to hold the heat in. This jacket was worn to keep even helicopter pilots warm, making this an obvious choice for spending any amount of time outdoors.

    Alpha Parkas are always a great choice to beat the winter weather, while keeping military style.  The Alpha 3-NB Parka is available in four color choices of black, gun metal grey, replica blue, and sage green. Available online or in store, this Alpha favorite will keep you looking casual and comfortable, but most of all—warm.