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  • The Benefits of Red Wing and Timberland Waterproof Boots

    There's nothing more uncomfortable then when cold, wet feet interfere with trying to get a job done. In the cold weather, the discomfort magnifies and can be debilitating. A dependable work boot is essential in these conditions and they should be rugged, highly supportive, and keep your feet comfortable, warm and dry! The folks at Dave's New York would like to tell you what it means for a boot to be waterproof, and also a little bit about a few boots in particular. Continue reading

  • A Brief Guide to Red Wing Boots History

    At the beginning of the 20th century, industry was getting off the ground in the US. Numerous products were being invented, produced, and tested. In 1905, Charles H. Beckman, an immigrant from Germany, created the company Red Wing Shoes. He organized the shoe company in the town of Red Wing, Minnesota, near the Mississippi River, and named his business after its location. Dave's New York carries an extensive selection of Red Wing boots in New York City and have benefited from the successful evolution and vision of Beckman. We'd like to share the story of how these shoes and boots have had a history of improving quality.

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  • A Guide to the Red Wing Collection of Heritage Boots

    red wing iron ranger boot

    For just over a century, Red Wing has been producing shoes and work boots that are elegantly aesthetic and functional in the toughest industries. From farming to construction, Red Wing in NYC has supplied individuals with quality leather and cognizant design that takes into account the requirements that have been developed to ensure that workers' feet are protected. Charles H. Beckman started the company in 1905, and his legacy of style continues to be present in the Heritage Line that we've found integrates vintage aesthetics into shoes that fulfill today's needs.

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  • Types of Boots for Work and Play


    When guys do their shopping, they don't want to have to go to dozens of stores to find all of the things on their lists. Getting in, finding the best-quality products to suit their needs, and then leaving satisfied is what they really want. Looking for boots for work or play shouldn't have to be a large production. Going to a store that carries a large Red Wing boot selection can provide you with a variety of styles that can meet your needs. Whether you want boots for backpacking or working on your construction job, one of the following brands will work for what you are planning to do—no shopping around required!

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  • Red Wing Boots: Combining Technology and Durability

    red wing 405

    If you are on your feet a lot in a job in the industrial world, then you know the importance of good work boots. Here at Dave's New York, we offer a variety of options that can meet your different needs through your job. Some of the most popular models we have at the moment are in our Red Wing boot line.

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  • Red Wing Boots: Still Union Made in the USA

    red wing model 606 and 607

    When your work is tough, it is important for you to be tough as well. This means showing up in the right attire to tackle your job with ease and strength. Here at Dave's New York, we fully understand this need. For this reason, we have made sure to have plenty of quality work boots in stock. We also understand that American-made boots have some of the best quality and features, so our selection comes from union factories right here in the U.S.

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  • Which Footwear? The Best Boots for Work This Winter

    red wing waterproof boots blog 5

    When you work in a demanding industry like construction, farming, or logging, the demands on your clothing will be significantly more intense than almost any other profession. Just because the weather gets cold doesn't mean you can slow down or curl up in a temperature-controlled office. When you're searching for work books that can withstand the conditions you need them to perform in, finding the right type of comfortable and dependable outerwear for Men in NYC can prove difficult. Luckily, we have a range of Red Wing boots products that are designed specifically for workers in harsh winter work conditions.

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  • Red Wing Men's Workboots

    When you need perfect work boots for a long day, look no further than the options available from Red Wing. Their high quality, extremely durable boots have been around for over 150 years, which is a testament to the brand’s excellence. Repeat customers continually go back to Red Wing, as their boots are not just long-lasting, but comfortable options for work as well. Of course, Dave’s New York has an incredible selection of Red Wings, offering everything you might be looking for in a boot. Continue reading

  • Men's Waterproof Work Boots

    Searching for a great men’s work boot to keep your feet dry and insulated this upcoming fall and winter season? With options from some of your favorite brands, including Red Wing and Timberland you can assure your work is completed while you remain as comfortable as possible, regardless of the weather. Continue reading

  • Last Minute Outdoor Activities

    Last Minute Outdoor Activities


    Every day you face an extraordinary amount of stress. From family and friends to a hectic work schedule, you are constantly battling a never ending list of demands from all areas of your life. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a step back and enjoy some time to yourself. You deserve a break. There's nothing more satisfying than taking some time off in nature. No time to plan an exciting trip? Here are some suggestions for last minute relaxation in the great outdoors.

    If you're typically stuck in an office all day, this is a great opportunity to not only get outside but participate in something physical. Dust off those old fishing poles. There is nothing better than getting out and experiencing nature, casting a line, and spending time with a few fishy friends. Fishing is an excellent way to enjoy nature and use your hands. By taking a more active role in your relaxation time, you'll feel a calming sense of control. Take your time here. Not only are you participating in a joyous and soothing activity, you've got an incredible view to take in. Enjoy yourself. Recommend gear: Red Wing Model # 405 Waterproof Wedge Sole Boots and Carhartt B151 Lightweight Canvas Work Dungaree.

    Another fantastic, last minute way to be active in an open environment is to enjoy a nice game of golf. You can keep to yourself while roaming the gorgeous grounds. It's a fantastic way to be physical without overexerting yourself on your free time. Take this time to free your mind from everyday clutters and worries. Allow yourself to breath, relax, and re-discover your love of the game. Recommend gear: Dockers Signature Khaki - Pleated and Red Wing Lifestyle - Beckman Collection - Gentleman Traveler.

    Looking for something even more physical with an even better view? Ditch those car keys and go for something a little more down to earth. Try biking around a nearby lake or road biking through a daring trail if you're feeling exceptionally ready for adventure. Make sure you bring a water canteen or refillable, traveling bottle to keep you hydrated. Biking provides an excellent escape from everyday stresses. Take in the glory of nature while rushing by some fantastic sites (or enjoy it at your own pace) on your very own bike. Recommend gear: The North Face Men's Hedgehog Guide GTX and Woolrich Sequence Cargo Shorts.

    There's no better way to spend your time off in nature than taking a last minute trip to your local National Park. Spend some time in some of the most spectacular views you'll ever see in your life. Challenge yourself to an exciting hiking trail or go on a journey to discover some of the National Natural Landmark sites. With 596 total NNL sites in 48 states (not including Delaware or Louisiana) there is plenty of opportunity for discovery and wonder. Recommend gear: Red Wing Model # 607 Work Boots and Carhartt K284 Lightweight Pocket T-Shirt.

    Dockers Signature Khaki - Pleated - Dark Khaki

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