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  • Footwear That Is Built to Protect

    Red Wing Men’s 6-inch Waterproof Composite Toe Boot – 2240 Red Wing Men’s Waterproof Composite Toe Boot

    If you're either a man or a woman in the construction, agricultural, or manufacturing fields, you know that dangerous work conditions require you to be both smart on the job and well-equipped. A big part of an effective uniform for these types of jobs is the work boot. Reinforced toes, thick soles, water-resistance, and durable overall materials are a huge part of what makes this type of footwear effective at keeping you safe. Here are 3 types of reinforced safety toe boots and their benefits, which you can find at Dave’s New York. Continue reading

  • Which Footwear? The Best Boots for Work This Winter

    red wing waterproof boots blog 5

    When you work in a demanding industry like construction, farming, or logging, the demands on your clothing will be significantly more intense than almost any other profession. Just because the weather gets cold doesn't mean you can slow down or curl up in a temperature-controlled office. When you're searching for work books that can withstand the conditions you need them to perform in, finding the right type of comfortable and dependable outerwear for Men in NYC can prove difficult. Luckily, we have a range of Red Wing boots products that are designed specifically for workers in harsh winter work conditions.

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  • Work Boots for Men from Irish Setter Boots

    Formed in 1950 as a division of Red Wing Shoes, Irish Setter boots, with their distinct durable, high quality construction, have become staples for hunters, farmers and all of those in industries requiring a solid work boot.  Each offered with qualities to meet specific work needs, check out a few of the options of Irish Setter work boots available at Dave’s New York:

    Irish Setter 83601


    If a steel toe isn’t needed for your occupation, the Irish Setter Soft Toe Work Boots are a great option.  In a full grain, waterproof Hazelnut Voyageur Leather this boot does have an EH (Electrical Hazard) Safety Rating.  For dependable durability, you can rely on the direct-attached welt construction providing a tight bond between the welt and sole platform.  With a Comfort Trek Sole which is dual density for underfoot comfort and slip resistant, regardless of how long you’re on your feet during the day, you can depend on these Irish Setter men's boots.  The boots also have a removable polyurethane foot-bed and non-metallic shank.

    Irish Setter Steel Toe Logger


    For a rugged, durable, classic logger boot, look no further than the Logger Irish Setter Steel Toe Boot.  With a defined heel the boots are both insulated and waterproof helping to keep you comfortable and protect you against the elements.  The full grain waterproof dark brown pueblo leather boots also have a removable polyurethane foot-bed and steel shank.  The Irish Setter work boots have Goodyear Welt Construction as well as 400 gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation.  To assure traction on any terrain, the boots are complete with aggressive Stars & Bars Logger Sole.

    Irish Setter 83600


    These Irish Setter 83600 work boots offer not just a safety toe, but have ASTM Safety Ratings of F 2413-05, M I/75, C/75 and EH.  With full grain waterproof Hazelnut Voyageur Leather, your foot will remain dry even in wet conditions.  If you’re concerned about comfort, the Irish Setter work boot offers a Comfort Trek sole which is dual density for not just comfort, but provides a safety benefit as it is slip resistant as well.  The direct-attached welt design provides a tight bond between the welt and sole platform for durability purposes.  Also included in these boots is a removable polyurethane foot-bed and a non-metallic shank.

    Irish Setter offers a variety of work boots, each perfect for specific occupations or outdoor hobbies.  Keeping you comfortable and constructed with a high regard for durability and with technology specific to the footwear industry, they are certain to have a work boot which fits each of your needs.

  • ASTM Safety Toe Boots Guidelines

    The ASTM (ASTM International, formerly American Society for Testing and Materials) is an international standards organization developing and publishing voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems and services.  Each year, the ASTM publishes the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, essentially a list of standards it has developed for various American industries to follow, in order to keep their employees safe.  These standards include requirements for safety toe boots.

    The below chart describes the various classes set forth by the ASTM for safety toe boots.  Many industries have very specific standards their workers must follow in regards to the type of safety toe boot required for their business.  While some of the below overlap from industry to industry others do not.  It is important to be able to distinguish the codes for your particular job so that you are certain to get the correct safety toe boots to meet the standards of your particular industry.

    ASTM Safety Toe Classes


    In addition to the above class standards, safety toe shoes will usually come with symbols printed on the outside of them, listing their safety criteria.  These symbols indicate the type of protection the shoe offers and will again help aid you in determining if they are a good fit for your particular job.  It’s not just important to make sure you get the boots with the correct safety criteria but also the ones meeting the ASTM standards as well for your particular career.  Your employer should be able to guide you in terms of both the ASTM standards and safety criteria required in their workplace for your particular position.

    ASTM Safety Boot Class Symbols


    Whether steel toe or composite toe, safety toe shoes or boots are a requirement in many industries and the standards set forth by the ASTM need to be met.  Do you research and learn the criteria and requirements so you can select a pair which meets your needs.

    Red Wind 2206 Steel Toe Boots

    Irish Setter Work Steel Toe Logger #83810

    Timberland PRO 26064 TiTAN Safety Toe

  • Carhartt Work Boots

    Just as with Carhartt clothing, Carhartt Work Boots are of the highest quality and help you complete your work during the winter months by keeping your feet dry and warm.  With a variety of waterproof and insulated styles, their boots also meet safety regulations and standards as well.  Dave’s New York has a large number of Carhartt Work Boots perfect for winter wear.

    Carhartt 6-Inch Work Boots


    The Carhartt 6139 Soft Toe Work Boots are comprised of oil tanned leather and uses direct attached welt construction with a dual density Polyurethane Outsole.  Comfort is provided through an OrthoLite insole with padded collars and an OrthoLite Padded Tongue.  The molded TPU heel counter has an Achilles flex joint.  The boot has a waterproof membrane and 400 gram Reflexion Insulation.  These Carhartt Work Boots are oil, chemical and slip resistant and has an ASTM safety rating of F2892-11 and Electrical Hazard (EH).

    Carhartt Steel Toe Work Boots


    These Wheat Nubuck Leather Carhartt Steel Toe Work Boots are Goodyear Welt Constructed with a rubber outsole.  The waterproof work boot is good for outdoor jobs and wet weather applications offering excellent traction on dirt, gravel and snow.  The fabric lining helps keep you comfortable and dry.  Also for comfort purposes, Carhartt Steel Toe Boots are also equipped with OrthoLite insoles, padded collars and an OrthoLite Comfort Tongue.  It has ASTM Safety Ratings of F 2413-05, M I/75, C/75 and EH.

    Carhartt Waterproof Hiker Style Work Boots


    Carhartt Waterproof Boots are made with quality sure to be appreciated at the end of a long day.  The black oil tanned leather Blucher work boot is equipped with comfort features that include OrthoLite insoles, padded top collars and an OrthoLite Comfort Tongue.  Performance wise, these waterproof Carhartt Boots for Men, have a molded TPU heel counter with an Achilles flex joint and an EVA midsole.   The Vibram rubber outsole keeps them oil, chemical and slip resistant, making them good candidates for a number of jobs.  The non-metallic composite safety toe boots have acquired both ASTM F2413-05 and EH safety ratings.

    Regardless of the work you’re doing, a durable work boot is a necessity.  Carhartt has a number of good options, each with various safety ratings, to prepare you for your job.  The OrthoLite qualities mentioned in each of the above boots are great for comfort and during the snowy weather, you are sure to appreciate the waterproof attributes as well.  Just as you would expect, Dave’s New York has a great selection of Carhartt work boots to choose from.

  • Durable Steel Toe Boots by Timberland PRO

    The Timberland 33032 Work Boot

    The Timberland company has been in business since 1918, though only introduced their PRO line in 1998. It hasn’t taken long at all for their name to become synonymous with quality footwear in the workplace. Employees are dedicated to their Timberland work boots, especially the commonly needed 33032 steel toe model.

    Timberland PRO work boots are designed exclusively for working professionals. These steel toe boots meet several ANSI safety standards, and are built to stand up to the rigors of extreme conditions. The 33032 model is slip, oil, and abrasion resistant. Workers on their feet all day find this pair of boots to both be extremely comfortable, and hold up to constant movement while on the job.

    Timberland PRO 33032 Steel Toe Boot

    Work accessories need to be durable, and Timberland boots surpass what necessity. You won’t ever have to worry about your footwear being compromised no matter where your job takes you. These boots feature uninsulated, full-grain leather as well as a removable contoured sock liner for comfort. You shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing a pair of boots, and once you can forget you’re wearing them, you know it’s the right pair.

    It’s not easy to find something wrong with these boots, and that can’t be said about many things these days. They are available in a few different colors, and come in both standard and wide widths. Whatever you need safe footwear for, these are the boots for you.

  • Safer Shoes with Soft and Steel Toe Work Boots

    Work boots and safety related clothing is an essential part of your work accessories. Steel toe work boots, slip resistant soles, and insulated shoes help keep you safe and comfortable throughout your shift. With brands like Chippewa, Red Wing, and Timberland PRO, you can be confident you’ll be getting the most out of your foot wear.

    You do enough at work, so why not have something there to help you? Work boots can come in either soft or steel toe varieties, so you can choose the right style for your job requirements. Timberland PRO provides a work boot built to sustain work environments. Made specifically for working professionals, their boots are made to stand up to the rigors of extreme conditions.
    Red Wing also keeps workers in mind for the design of their boots. Their selection ensures excellent comfort and protective soles, while providing good traction in work environments. Since 1905, Red Wing boots have been stood up to their motto of “Built to fit. Built to last.”

    Boots are also available with waterproof coatings to keep you dry, and both insulated and non-insulated, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Both Timberland PRO and Red Wing offer oxford style work shoes with the same safety and durability their boots have to offer. Slip resistant, oil resistant, abrasion resistant—be sure to pick the pair of boots you like the most, as it seems they will last you quite a long time.