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  • Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry with Wigwam Socks

    Wigwam Canada Heavyweight Boot Socks (F2064) – Grey/Black Wigwam Canada Heavyweight Boot Socks (F2064) – Grey/Black

    Wigwam Mills, established in 1905, has a long history of making quality and reliable products. Know as an innovative company, Wigwam has expanded and shrunk their product line over the course of their 110+ year history as they experienced successes and flops with their products. Throughout it all though, Wigwam Mills has consistently maintained a strong commitment to their employees, community and to the production of quality headgear and outdoor and athletic socks. They make products designed for active individuals who are passionate about their lifestyles. This awesome line of socks and headgear are sold at Dave's New York. Continue reading