The Ben Davis Trend

Ben Davis Logo

It's difficult to discover the origins of a trend, especially as its happening, but the value or qualities that people desire and gravitate towards are often a bit more obvious. Originally founded in 1935 in San Francisco, the iconic Gorilla logo, a symbol of toughness, hasn't changed much in over 80 years, and the commitment to quality, functional workwear has continued as well. Although at first guess it may seem that the current Ben Davis trend is a '90s throwback, since everything '90s seems to be popular nowadays, but there's probably more to it than just that.  

Meaningful consumption has become more important to many people, and millennials are leading the way with value-driven choices and careful consideration of the impact of their purchasing decisions. With the Ben Davis focus on quality materials, the no-nonsense dedication to form following function, and the obvious commitment to making clothing that works just as well as it looks, it's not at all surprising that Ben Davis has become a trending label.

From Jacob Davis, who moved to the United States from Latvia to work as a tailor in 1850, to his son Simon Davis, who founded the company, the Davis family legacy is more than just a logo. It's an unyielding and uncompromising focus on honing a craft, and producing a quality, long lasting, durable product that people can be proud to wear. Many companies will brag about delivering customers their money's worth, but few of them have nearly a century of experience making good on that promise.

It's accurate to say that Jacob Davis was a hard-working innovator.  In the 1870's while working as a tailor of fine clothing he also manufactured utilitarian items, such as horse blankets and tents. It was at this time that he came up with the idea to use the rivets, from his horse blanket production, in the manufacturing of pants. Thread alone was not keeping the pockets attached to the pants and Davis found the solution with rivets, which he used on duck fabric and denim.  With the help of his denim supplier, Levi Strauss, he applied for a patent, which was approved in 1873.  Today, rivets are used in the manufacturing of workwear apparel and much more.

Ben Davis Short Sleeve Half-Zip Workshirt – Light Grey Ben Davis Short Sleeve Half-Zip Workshirt 

So what is the Ben Davis trend, and why are we seeing it today? Perhaps the real question is why we haven't noticed it for decades. Trim Fit Pants, Half- Zip Work Shirt, Single Pocket Tee, and Chore Jackets are probably always going to be part of the workwear industry.

With conscientious consumers, the Gorilla logo is an eye-catching indicator that they'll be getting a great product that's built to last, doesn't compromise on utility or style, and provides everything they'll need to make the most out of their dollars. Jacob Davis originally believed that rivets were the key for the pants he was producing. That's probably a part of it, but good work has never needed any secrets or tricks. It just needs to find the people who know how to appreciate it.

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