The Benefits of Functional Work Clothing

The North Face Resolve Jacket -AR9T The North Face Resolve Jacket 

We don't always put the same effort into buying our work clothes as we do our "after" work clothes or our weekend wardrobe.  At Dave's New York, we know that sometimes we don't give our workwear a second glance, but considering how much time we spend wearing it and the miles that we put on it, it's definitely something to keep in mind.  Of course, investing in functional and quality workwear can give you better mileage for less money, so it's worth considering what other benefits you might be able to get out of it.

Better for the Weather

With something like the Men's Silver Ridge™ Convertible Pant, you get moisture wicking technology along with UPF 50 sun protection. That gives a longer life to your work pants while resisting fading and sun damage. It's also more comfortable in the rain, and you'll be dryer faster. Weather resistant work clothing doesn't simply endure, but it also gives you a more enjoyable experience.

The North Face Resolve Jacket is good for on the job rain gear, but it's also easily adaptable to hiking or other outdoor activities. It's waterproof, breathable, and it provides a relaxed fit. Being able to wear your clothes outside of work gives you more options for your wardrobe while also allowing you a bit of ease and flexibility in your day-to-day selection and choices.

Carhartt Force Extremes Convertible Pant – 101969 Carhartt Force Extremes Convertible Pant 

Better for Storage

This isn't always a benefit that you'll hear about, but at Dave's New York, we know that doing the job right always requires the correct tools. Convertible pants, like the Carhartt Force Extremes Convertible Pant, gives you extra pockets with a smart, stylish use of extra space, which makes carrying everything you need easier and more convenient. Not only does that offer ease of access to whatever you'll need to have on hand, but it also means you may be able to avoid slugging around totes or backpacks to keep those few important accessories readily available. Adding a bit of extra functionality to your work clothes is both smart and efficient, which makes it that much easier on you.

Of course, we'd never expect you to sacrifice on comfort or appearance, so you'll be happy to know that functional work clothing is still beautiful and comfortable. You'll never have to sacrifice on looks for function or on style for durability.