Top Jacket Picks for Spring Workwear

Columbia Men’s Watertight™ II Jacket Columbia Men’s Watertight™ II Jacket

Springtime in New York City comes with wildly fluctuating temperatures that can go from hot to cold or sunny to rainy within a matter of hours. When you’re on the job, it’s important to be prepared for anything with a jacket designed to handle temperature changes as well as the wear and tear of even the toughest jobs. Here are 3 of the top outdoor workwear jackets this spring.

Men’s Watertight Jacket

Because the temperature can change so much within a single workday, it’s important to have a jacket that’s waterproof but also breathable. The Men’s Watertight Jacket made by Columbia is fully seam sealed, but at the same time provides plenty of ventilation to keep you cool on warmer days or when your job has you working up a sweat. It’s also extremely lightweight and compressible--it can be packed into its own pocket, making it easy to store when you don’t need it. As a bonus, it also comes at a lower price than many other waterproof work jackets.

Men’s Flyweight Jacket

Another lightweight option for waterproof workwear is the Men’s Flyweight Hoodie from The North Face. With its specially designed WindWall fabric, it protects you against wind as well as rain, providing you with an additional defense against the elements. It’s made with ripstop material that will withstand plenty of wear and tear, and like the Columbia Watertight jacket, it’s compressible and can be packed into its pocket for storage.

Carhartt High Visibility Class 3 Waterproof Sherwood Jacket Carhartt High Visibility Waterproof Jacket

High Visibility Class 3 Waterproof Sherwood Jacket

Made by Carhartt--a company known for their toughness and durability--the High Visibility Sherwood Jacket is ideal for working environments along the road and other areas where it’s important to be seen. Along with a weatherproof design and abundant insulation, this jacket is lime green with reflective patches that make you more likely to be seen by drivers and other workers, whether it’s nighttime or the middle of a grey, rainy day.