Alpha Industries MA-1 Blood Chit Flight Jacket - Dark Woodland Camo

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Water Resistant
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This one of a kind jacket is frequently imitated—the best form of flattery—but never equaled. The jacket only looks lightweight and breezy, yet it remains effective down to really cold temperatures. A water repellent lining makes this a perfect all-around jacket. Features the military Blood Chit flag on the interior back, and it reverses into bright orange for emergencies. 

  • Color: Dark Woodland Camo (reversible to black with Blood Chit flag on back)
  • Front closure storm flap
  • Knit collar, waistband and cuffs
  • Alpha signature zippered utility/pencil pocket
  • Double pull tab on heavy duty zipper
  • Fully-reversible with rescue orange inner shell
  • 57 separate sewing operations go into making the MA-1
  • Water-repellent DuPont Type 6-6 nylon flight satin outer shell

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