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Pitti January 2024 Recap

Florence, Italy is a place that mixes tradition, fashion, and culture, and it all comes together Pitti Uomo - the first of the men's fashion trade shows of the year.  With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, you can get lost in the sea of Pitti, but we tried to keep our eyes and ears open to take in all that was around us. We also wanted to ask the question, why was Dave's at Pitti?

From street wear to outerwear, footwear to finely tailored suits, there was no shortage of variety in the booths at Pitti. Well-known brands like Woolrich, Fila and Guess all presented innovation for their Fall/Winter 24 collections. Luxury brands like Brunello Cucinelli showed off their impeccable tailoring and set the tone for suits for the upcoming season. And many smaller brands highlighting their specialties in scarves, hats, shoes, bags, and more.

But right at the front of the main building, there was a bright yellow sign that said Roy Roger's x Dave's New York with a coffee bar and a display of clothes that mixes history and workwear. And that's where we stood, meeting people from all over the world (and all over the industry) and spoke about our 2nd collab collection with the Italian denim brand Roy Roger's.

Adam and Guido at the Roy Roger's X Dave's New York Collab debut at Pitti Uomo 105 in Florence, Italy
While most brands didn't release collabs at Pitti, and most brands didn't present workwear, we realized that what we were doing was exactly what Pitti was all about - bringing heritage (2 multi-generation family brands), innovation (workwear done in a new and interesting way), and style (jacquard, tie-dye, herringbone) together.

Roy Roger's X Dave's New York Collab debut at Pitti Uomo 105 in Florence, Italy

The feedback we got from our latest collection was resoundingly positive! Many people saw the value in the elevated work jackets, pants, and shirts we presented. The prints were subtle but had character. The colors of the collection compliment each other for mixing-and-matching with ease. We learned that some people were not interested in workwear, and that's fine with us.

Roy Roger's X Dave's New York Collab debut at Pitti Uomo 105 in Florence, Italy

But we also learned that when Roy Roger's, who's the first Italian denim brand with over 70 years of history, and Dave's, with over 60 years of work wear experience, come together, then something special can happen. We can't wait to release this latest iteration of our collab and show everyone what we have been working on!

However, Fall '24 can't happen before Spring, so we are really excited to launch the Spring '24 collection in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details and the upcoming release!

Dave's New York

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