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PRODUCT REVIEW: Dickies Eisenhower Jackets

The Dickies Eisenhower jackets are so ubiquitous, and so prevalent in the work and fashion world, that you may not even notice how often you walk by someone wearing one. Today we are looking at what makes this staple jacket from Dickies so cool, so easy, and the jacket everyone needs to own.

Dickies Eisenhower workwear jackets at Dave's New York

Short Story: Dickies has taken a classic silhouette and made a simple jacket that speaks to a multitude of industries by accomplishing something a lot of other companies fail to do: make a good, clean-looking jacket; make it durable and versatile; and make it so that it can be worn as a uniform for work, or as a stand-alone piece of clothing. Where other companies over-complicate things and add unnecessary details (and cost), Dickies has been able to achieve iconic status in both their unlined and lined Eisenhower jackets. If you’re looking for a jacket that stands the test of time, that can mold to your style, and that you can feel good about, then this is a jacket for you. Whether it’s for work, for wear, or to customize and design, this is the perfect piece.

Long Story: Built out of function and utility, the Eisenhower jacket was born out of the military (and yes, named after Dwight D. Eisenhower) and adapted to civilian life after WWII. What made this jacket so amazing was its combination of value, durability, and simplicity that lends itself to so many walks of life that it didn’t take long to become a favorite.

Today it is worn by those in the service industry as part of a twill uniform (usually Dickies from head to toe). It is also worn by skaters due to its durability, functionality, cost, and clean classic styling. It is understated and perfect in that it doesn’t try hard to be something it's not. And in the last few years, it has crept into the fashion world. It is a clean canvas, and blank slate for designers to express themselves and customize their look. The poly-cotton twill fabric matches seamlessly with the Dickies 874 Work Pants (and other styles too), and Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve Twill Work Shirts. From a uniform perspective, this is great for your staff or team members so that your company can have a cohesive look, and get value in the money you spend. 

For those wearing it outside of work, we have noticed that these jackets are being worn in two different ways. First, we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of a clean and classic look. Whether it is solid colors from head to toe, or mixing and matching greens and greys or khakis and blues. What has stood out is that people really like the Eisenhower style for its color, clean lines, simplistic design and collared look. It pairs well with twill pants or denim, and it does not matter if you have a board in your hand or you’re stepping out for the night, this jacket can go anywhere. It shocked some people when Kanye wore a Dickies Eisenhower jacket to the MET Gala last year, but for us, we have seen this as a staple piece in closets for over 2 decades.

The second thing we have seen is a growing number of people who love to take a blank canvas and design their own style. This Dickies jacket is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to create their own look. Whether it is adding patches, ink, customizing colors, or deconstructing and reconstructing different pieces to give yourself a unique combo, this jacket lends itself to being a work of art. The material, clean lines and simple base all combine for a great starting point to being the next great look.

So whether it is with a sewing machine, paint brush, or patch, the Dickies Eisenhower jacket is the best place to start looking at creating a custom-piece. Or if you already love the jacket just the way it is (as many people do), then it continues to be a best-selling style that transcends industries, hobbies, interests, or backgrounds. We love this piece for the value it offers our customers.

If you already know about the Dickies twill jackets, we would love to see yours and hear about how you use them. Or if you’ve done any work to yours to customize your style, we would love to see that too! Send us an email at!

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Dickies EIsenhower Workwear Jacket in Camo at Dave's New York

Adam, Dave’s New York

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