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TRENDING PRODUCTS: Carhartt Double Front Work Pants

You don’t need me to tell you that Carhartt is a brand that has been trending. Whether you are new to the brand or have worn it decades, Carhartt is more in the limelight now than it ever has been. We have stocked Carhartt for over 4 decades, and when we started carrying the brand, there were only a handful of products that were the mainstay of the line. One of them is the classic Original Fit Double Front Duck Dungaree.

Carhartt Double Front Duck Canvas Dungaree Work Pant at Dave's New York

These original work pants have one distinctive feature: Carhartt’s chap-style double front with metal rivets that frame the double front (both of which are for added durability). We have seen everyone from carpenters and bricklayers to celebrities and fashionistas wearing the same style pants. Carhartt has built a reputation for creating durable goods, but what we are seeing now is that the fit and look of these pants are what’s attracting a new crowd. These pants feature a higher waist, a looser seat and thigh, and a wider leg opening. Going along with looser fits and relaxed styles, these pants are unique and different from most others out there, and while they function great on the jobsite, they also can do double-duty. But it’s not just about the fit, or the rivets, these pants also serve as a foundation for a lot of streetwear and style.

Carhartt Men's Double Front Dungaree Work Pants at Dave's New York

We have seen people bleach, dye, decorate, taper, deconstruct, and reconstruct these pants in such creative ways. We have customers who tailor these double fronts to create a more tapered leg while maintaining the looser seat and thighs. We have other customers who use bleach to create works of art on the canvas, or screen print their designs right on to the garments. And what we hear from these creators is that Carhartt provides a great base for design and expression. The cotton canvas is heavy duty and can hold the designs, the name has been trending due to its heritage, reputation and value, and the fit is just right for this trend cycle.

We love to see that workwear has more to offer than just function. We love to see that people have these creative ideas on how to take a classic garment and turn it into something new. And we love to see the general population look at Carhartt work pants as more than carpenters’ pants. However, when trends seem to simmer-down, we are proud to carry Carhartt for its roots as a durable and functional work pant.

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We get these insights from our customers and we are excited to share these trends with you. Check back for more soon!

Adam, Dave’s New York

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