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TRENDING PRODUCTS: Dickies White Painter's Pants

While Dickies is known for its twill work pants, we have seen the classic white painter’s pant become one of their top-sellers for the last few seasons. We spoke with a few customers as to why these pants have become their go-to, and we wanted to share some of that insight with you.

Dickies White Painter's Pants at Dave's New York

First of all, several customers have told us that it is always important to keep a good pair of clean, white pants in your wardrobe. The reason that they chose the Dickies painters pants is that it has the functional utility look with its hammer loop and tool pockets. Also, the relaxed fit of the pants help make it fit a wide array of customers while staying on a trend of more relaxed styling. The kicker is the price: at $30, this work pant is easy on the wallet. And when it is no longer “white” and starts to show signs of wear, then it can be used as a real work pant. Doing the double-duty of style and function is what it’s all about these days.

The second thing that we have heard is that the white painter's pants are the perfect blank canvas for expression. We have several customers who tie-dye these pants to make cool and unique designs, or others who use paint makers (or just paint) to draw and add designs to their pants. Creating a unique looking pant and being able to express yourself through your clothing has become increasingly more important to a lot of customers.

The last thing we have heard is that there is something unassuming about putting on a pair of clean, white, painter’s pants. Unlike denim dungarees or canvas pants that people may jump to the conclusion that you are in a construction job, when you wear these pants no one assumes that you are a painter (though you may be). Having a fresh pair of white work pants is different from white slacks or white jeans. It blends the everyday work pants with a fresh new look and feel.Dickies White Painters Work Pants at Dave's New York

So whether you plan on keeping them white, using them as a canvas for self-expression, or somewhere in between, these Dickies painters are a go-to!

Shop Dickies Painter Pants and Overalls

And now the white painter style is available in bib overalls too!

Dickies White Painter's Bib Overalls at Dave's New York

We’re on the lookout for more trends and getting this great feedback from our customers is invaluable. We can’t wait to share more with you.

Adam, Dave’s New York

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