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Which Boot Is Best? Timberland PRO Work Summit (A225Q) vs Hypercharge (A1Q54)

We constantly get asked, “What’s the best work boot?” or “Which work boot is the most popular?” And while we would love to give you a specific answer, the truth is that there is more information needed to provide the best answer. So today we wanted to compare two of our more popular work boots so that you can make a more informed decision about which boot may be best for you: the Timberland PRO Work Summit (left) vs the Timberland PRO Hypercharge (right) boots.Timberland PRO Timberland PRO Work Summit (A225Q) vs Hypercharge (A1Q54) Work Boots at Dave's New York
Similarities: You can immediately see the visual differences in these two boots, but the DNA of each work boot is very similar. Both of these boots are made with full-grain waterproof leather and both boots also have a waterproof membrane below the leather to help keep your feet dry. They both also help protect you with a composite safety toe that meets or exceeds all OSHA standards and they are each electrical hazard rated for live-wire protection. There are many more similar features like dual-purpose lacing hooks, molded heel cups, recycled materials, and flexibility built into the outsoles. There are so many great features in both pairs.

Differences: Some of the things you may notice at first are by the toe of the boots. The Work Summit boots feature a Carbon Shield toe protector that covers the composite toe to add durability and protection. The Hypercharge boots feature a full-grain leather toe for a lower profile and a more traditional look. The outsoles also differ in that the Work Summit boots have a heavier duty outsole with deeper lugs and a firmer compound that makes it a little stiffer. The Hypercharge boots have a more traditional outsole that features grooves in rows that allow for more flexibility and a quicker break-in period. Lastly, the Work Summit boots are utilizing Step Propel technology which helps create rebound and return energy to your feet so that you can stay moving all day. The Hypercharge boots feature Timberland PRO’s Anti-Fatigue insole. This insole helps diffuse shock and reduce impact while walking or working. While the Hypercharge may be more cushioned, the Work Summit adds more “spring.”
Timberland PRO Work Summit (A225Q) vs Hypercharge (A1Q54) Work Boots at Dave's New York
What Each Boot Is Best For
Work Summit Boots (left): These are great for the heaviest duty jobs. The toe guards and heel guards help protect your feet while working. The heavy-duty outsole is great for rough terrain, and excels in all types of weather conditions. The added protection of a shock-absorbing TPU foot bed, a padded top-collar, and antimicrobial and odor control linings all make this a great choice.

Hypercharge Work Boots (right): These are great everyday boots. From the onset, the looks of the boot are more like a traditional boot that you can wear to the job or everyday. The added cushioned insole and flexible outsole help make this a boot you can walk miles in. The full-grain leather is also very durable for any type of construction job. The molded heel cup also provides added stability and protection to keep you safe on your feet.

So while there isn’t one answer for, “What’s the best work boot?” But there may be an answer to, “Which work boots will serve me best?” We would always recommend trying a boot on before committing to one style, but understanding which features may be best suited for your job is a great place to start. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or stop by our store.

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Adam, Dave’s New York

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