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PRODUCT REVIEW: Dickies 874 Original Fit vs 873 Slim Fit

Dickies twill workwear is iconic; it’s what has built the brand into a name worn everywhere from maintenance crews to skate teams. The 874 is the Original Dickies twill work pant, but over the years we have seen growth in the 873, the Slim Fit work pant.

With its higher rise and fuller legs, the 874 is definitely trending right now. And it’s been the choice of guys and girls alike. The common questions people have are: do you stack the cuffs or wear them short? Do you wear the waist high or roll the waistband over? These pants are tighter through the seat and hip and give you more room in the knee and leg for a mix of traditional styling with a current look. 

Dickies Original 874 Fit Twill Work Pants at Dave's New York

Our team member Abdramane is wearing an 874 in size 34x30. He needed to go up from his jean size of 33x30 due to the higher rise and straighter hips of the 874. You can see that the waistband is almost up to his naval, but the legs give him room in the thigh, knee, and ankle. The wider leg is comfortable, and whether it’s worn for work or for fun, the fit of twill can take you throughout the day and the weekend. The 874 is the #1 twill work pant in the world, and it doesn’t look like any other pant is going to take over that title any time soon.

However, the 873 is gaining some traction. Copying its bigger brother, the 873 features the same 8.75-ounce, 65/35 twill, clasp waist tab, and tunnel belt loop. It shares the same clean look with a patch logo on the back pocket. Where the differences start is with a slightly lower rise on the 873. The 874 sits very high and the 873 sits slightly lower on the waist more similar to standard fit jeans or pants. The shorter rise allows for more give in the seat and thigh, meaning you can get a fit closer to your standard size.

Dickies 873 Slim Fit Twill Work Pants at Dave's New York

While the cut is still straight and Abdramane still has a bit of a gap in the back of the waist, the fit through the seat, thigh, and leg is more similar to the fit he wears on an everyday basis. So for the 873 he is able to wear his regular size of 33x30. From the knee to the ankle, the leg is not tight so you can have a little bit of room, but you still have a clean finish. This could be an ideal look if you are going for a more tailored look at work or on a night out. The width of the pants at the ankle helps show off more of your footwear, if that is something that you are trying to do. 

You may wear different sizes in the waist, and depending on what type of look you are going for with these pants, you may also wear different lengths. You can’t go wrong with either look, but the best thing to do is try them on. You may prefer one over the other…or maybe you’ll want both for different fits!

Which style do you like to wear, 874 or 873?

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Adam, Dave’s New York

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