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PRODUCT REVIEW: Levi's XX Chino Standard Taper Fit Pants

It seems like we missed the entire year when it comes to products, but there were some notable additions to our store. The first that item that we are looking at is the Levi’s XX Chino.

Short Story: The Levi’s XX Chino is a great pant that combines cotton and stretch, lightweight fabric and structure, and a regular top block with a slim tapered leg. Basically this pant covers A LOT of bases and looks great. We would definitely recommend adding this piece to your closet.

Long Story: Levi’s is known for the denim revolution that they had created. Their iconic 501 jeans stand the test of time as THE original denim. However, not every day is a day to wear blue jeans. Levi’s has worked hard on variations of fits, materials, and styles to create the perfect non-denim pants. After several iterations, we think that the XX Chino is the best version yet. 

Fit: The Chino combines several of the most modern fits that are prevalent in today’s styles. The waist does not sit too high or too low, and with a comfortable rise, these pants feel great around the waist. They are called "standard" because the top block (area from waist to thigh) is a fit somewhere between straight and regular. There is room for the seat and thigh, but not a lot of fabric so they are not too loose or slouchy. They have classic 5-pocket styling so if you are used to the Levi’s 502 Jeans, the XX Chino is very comparable. From the knee down to the ankle these pants taper to a slim ankle. What this means is that the chinos get narrower from the knee down to the ankle. This provides a slimming look; and it also allows you to highlight your footwear. The narrower ankle will sit right at the top of your sneakers so you can complete a head-to-toe look.

Fabric: There is a balance between lightweight and structure. Sometimes a pant is too light, and therefore the pants do not keep their shape. They do not “hang” well and they look sloppy. What Levi’s does with the XX Chino is that they take a 7-ounce cotton fabric and add Elastane so that these pants never feel stiff or restrictive, and they are light enough to wear in warmer weather. 

Fashion: It is no secret that men’s footwear is a fashion statement. Guys tend to get dressed with their footwear in mind. Sneaker culture has really influenced clothing recently (more than the other way around). The XX Standard Chino allows you to put your best foot forward and show off whatever you're wearing on your feet. The tapered leg sits right at the top of your shoes and the slimmer leg puts more emphasis on, and adds a vertical dimension to your outfit. The standard fit top block also allows you a little room to move without being baggy or relaxed. This blend of a clean look with a superior fit makes these chinos a simple way to connect what you’re wearing on top with your footwear selection. 

In the end, regardless of your style, the XX Chino can add versatility to your daily looks. We are a big fan of this new style, and Levi’s has done an excellent job of giving brand loyalists a non-denim offering. Try them on for yourself and you’ll see why this has gotten such great feedback from our team and our customers.

Shop Levi's XX Chinos - available in 4 colors

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Adam, Dave’s New York

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Kerendian Avi - February 21, 2022

Great review ⭐️
My favorite work trousers! – Avi Kerendian

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