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PRODUCT REVIEW: Schott Wool Pea Coats

Short Story: When the wind and cold come rushing in, a trusty wool pea coat is a go-to staple coat. It’s an American classic, and the pea coat manufactured in New Jersey by Schott is as classic American as you can get. What started out as an item manufactured for the US Navy during WWII, the heavy-duty, insulated Melton wool double-breasted pea coat is a piece that blends style, function, and heritage in a quality winter coat. The Schott pea coat is the one you need to own.Schott NYC 740 Wool Pea Coat at Dave's New York

Long Story: What is a ubiquitous winter staple today, the pea coat was not always so prevalent. But when the first brisk winds of October or November arrive, it’s as if an entire sea of people break out their heavy-duty, trusty Schott wool pea coat. Walking down the streets of NYC (or any city), the double-breasted, large-buttoned, wide-collared coat is easily distinguishable. What is also very noticeable is that pretty much no one who is wearing one happens to be in the Navy.

Schott has been around for over a century, but it was in WWII that they were contracted to use their manufacturing prowess and quality goods to make a 32-ounce Melton wool pea coat for the US Navy. It featured the classic 8 button styling (with anchors), double-breasted front (for warmth and wind protection), and heavy nylon quilting lining to fight the wintry cold. And although the pea coat has been a military staple for years, it was not until after WWII that it became more of a civilian staple.

Post WWII there were two factors that lead to main-stream military wear: 1) Excess capacity of manufacturing of military-style goods and clothing; and 2) Individuals bringing their military-wear home. Schott’s manufacturing ability has never been called into question, and the high standards of US Naval goods meant that a great company was making great pea coats for great sailors. After the war had ended, Schott continued to provide (and still does) American-made wool pea coats. Instead of providing them to the military, they were funneled into the retail world. Combined with many sailors already bringing their Pea coats home with them, the style started to catch on in the mainstream.

There are chances you already own a pea coat, and if you do, then there is a good chance that you are breaking it out this Winter. If you do not have one, then this Winter staple should definitely be added to your collection. This style can be worn with jeans and boots as easily as khakis and loafers. The versatility combined with the functionality are the keys that truly make this a great jacket. When you add the value of Schott manufacturing, then you are getting the best pea coat on the market. We love this jacket!

Shop our Schott pea coats in original fit and slim fit here.Schott NYC 740 Wool Pea Coat at Dave's New York

Photo credit: Schott NYC

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Eugene Thompson - March 18, 2021

How do I purchase a peacoat 2xl or 3xl ?

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