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Dave's New York - The Reason Behind our Face Masks

By now we do not need to outline the global health crisis, the ways it is affecting life and work, or the fact that so many people are working to help save lives. For the everyday population, the least we could all do is to wear a mask to help stop the spread. The fact that you wear a mask in service to others, and to help protect the people are you;; that is why we had decided to make our own masks (and require them to be worn by everyone in our store).

We also believe that if you are going to put your name on something, then it better live up to the standards you set for yourself; and for us, we believe that we should provide value in everything that we do. So, we wanted our masks to be comfortable, durable and breathable so that regardless of how long you are using your mask, you can rest assured you are getting value for what you had purchased.

We started with ring-spun, combed cotton, which is one of our favorite cotton weaves. When cotton is ring-spun, the fibers are twisted in a way that makes the cotton more resistant to pilling, stretching, shrinking and more durable. And when you combine the ring-spun fibers and put them through a combing process, then you get a cotton that feels really soft to the touch. Once we had the fabric down, we wanted to shape the mask to fit a variety of face-shapes.

There are several design features that we worked into the mask so that we could provide something that has become so common, but done uncommonly well. We cut the mask higher on the nose and notched the area by the chin so that you do not feel the mask move when you talk. We also notched the edges so that the tie-strings do not come straight across your ears. When it was decided that the strings were going to be open-ended, then we knew we did not want the mask cutting across the top of your ears. We also wanted to make the strings long and stretchy so that you have the options of how you tie them. Lastly, we know that there are many different face sizes, so we made masks in two different sizes to help fit your face more ergonomically.

Ultimately we wanted to make sure that the mask that you wear is one that you are comfortable in, useful in your daily life, and one that you are proud to wear. We are grateful for the efforts of so many to help curb the spread. We are humbled by the people who are doing whatever they can to help the friends and neighbors. And we are proud and thankful for the countless individuals who are wearing masks to help prevent the spread to others. The only way to get through tough times is together. 

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Avi Kerendian - June 25, 2022

Not only were your face masks actually breathable, I felt the quality was superior in keeping out Covid-19 and helping diminish the global health/public health crisis. Y’all did great with this product line! If only more companies put more thought in their design process.

- Avi Kerendian

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