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One Year Later: Dave’s New York Sweatshirts

It’s been a year since we launched our very own branded Dave’s New York crew neck and hooded sweatshirts. We were stoked about bringing a new product to our store, especially one that we got to design and create, pour over every detail and make every decision. When we launched them we were excited to share WHAT the sweatshirts were (we blogged about it here), but we didn’t really talk about WHY we made these sweatshirts.Dave's New York branded sweatshirts

After a year of talking to customers, going over the product, and trying to “sell” these midweight sweatshirts, we realized a few things: some people love them, and some don’t...and that’s ok. Some people care more about the product, and others care more about the brand of a product. Lastly, we realized that some people just get WHY we made the sweatshirts, and those were the people who we truly enjoyed getting feedback from, hearing their thought process.

We created these sweatshirts for a good reason: we thought that we could build a sweatshirt that would provide more value than anything that was available on the market. We searched all of our current brands, as well as brands that we didn’t carry, to see where we could find a sweatshirt with great fabric, great fit, great wearability and durability, and one that is presented to a customer at a great value. We have spent the last 6 decades caring about the value that a customer gets from a product or service, and that is the attitude we took into the development of these sweatshirts.

When we talk to customers about using ring-spun combed cotton, or a higher cotton content, or a tapered sleeve and a jersey-lined hood, it may all seem like details, but what we are actually saying is that we care about the fabric, fit, and function of each piece. And then when we say that you can get these items for $30 - $35, we are offering the best value sweatshirt you can get for your money.

We know that Carhartt, Dickies, or Ben Davis may make lots of really good hoodies and crewnecks, and we are not taking a swipe at any of their products. In fact we are very proud to carry such quality names and quality garments from these brands. But where some sweats may be made with more pockets, or a boxier fit, or focus on one major detail (like fabric weight), we took our customers’ feedback to make a more tailored fit, a clean every-day look and weight, and a great layering piece for multi-season wear.

What we have learned through this year-long process is that when we ask people what they are looking for in a sweatshirt, we get a lot of the same answers; fit, fabric, and function. But when we ask people why they choose one garment over another, usually the answer has to do with the value they are getting. When someone spends the money that they have worked hard for, they want to invest in something that is worth it. And with that in mind, we work to create value in everything that we do, so that everyone can feel appreciated for the money that they spend.

So we will continue to develop, refine, and rework our products until we get it right. We appreciate the feedback from those who invest in their clothes, and we will always support those people who work hard every day.

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Adam, Dave’s New York

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