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Men's Cords - A Winter Wardrobe Classic

With cooler temperatures arriving, warm pants are an important part of your wardrobe. So we thought we'd share a quick intro into cords, a Winter clothing classic: 

Corduroy gets its name from a coarse fabric that was woven in a line pattern and originally made of woollen cloth in England. The texture was tough, durable and meant to be worn in the cold/wet weather. The vertical nature of weaving of the Duroy fabric gave way to the name Corduroy. The extra weight of the fabric and durability of it make it a great choice for Fall.

The space in between each vertical strip of fabric is called a “wale” and the width of the wale is determined by the number of rows that are in an inch of fabric. The most common amounts are 10-12 wale cords. The lower the number, the wider the wale!

Levi's Men's Corduroy Cords Pants at Dave's New York

The texture in a cord comes from weaving fibers through the base of the fabric that stick out in a ridge. This leads to the textures you feel when holding the pants.

The word "corduroy" does not come from a French background. It's been debunked that it stems from "corde du roi," or cloth of the king. However, you may feel like a king while wearing a pair!

Check out the cords that we have to offer this season.

Adam, Dave’s New York

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