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One Year Later

On March 15, 2020, just as COVID was starting to grip the US, we decided that we were going to close our store…for 2 weeks. We had a sense that the pandemic would not just be “passing through,” but we naively assumed that it may last 1 month, or 2, or maybe even 3. Looking back a year later, it is easy to see that we were sorely mistaken as to the scope, gravity, and effect that this virus would truly bring.Dave's New York one year into the COVID-19 pandemic

As we opened our doors this morning on March 15, 2021 it’s hard to believe all that has gone on in a year. The loss of life has been tragic, and the stress, anxiety, and strain that has been put on families has been unimaginable. It really put into perspective the importance of community.

It is important to us to look at the last year and see where we can find positive changes. We recently took the measure of closing our store on Sundays so that employees can spend more time with their families and loved ones. (Read our blog post about that decision.) We have also taken more time to check in with our staff because mental health is so important and support from one another is key. We have connected with some local organizations to donate money or clothing so that we can help others who are in need.

The fact that we are able to open our doors, and that we can still operate our business, is something that we do not take for granted. When we say “thank you for shopping with us,” or “we appreciate your business,” it is with a deeper sense of gratitude, and not just a retail platitude. Even though it may be even longer until we see some familiar faces again, we want everyone to know how thankful we are that we can be here today. Be well and stay safe.

Adam. Dave’s New York

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Adam - March 20, 2021

Thank you all for your kind words and support. Whether it’s from across the ocean or down the block, we appreciate every visit. Whenever the day may come when we can all travel again, we will look forward to seeing you. Until then, be well and stay safe.

John Caton - March 20, 2021

I’m pleased you’re open for business again Adam. Found Dave’s in the early 80’s and make a ‘B Line’ for the store whenever I’m in NYC. Always my first port of call.
Now I’ve got kids and they head there too..!
A NY institution.
Best wishes..
JC Liverpool UK.

Volker - March 17, 2021

We are traveling to New York every year, and can’t wait to visit your store again. I can assure you: You are just as important for us, as we are for you. Life is empty, if you can’t go to the places you love. All the best from Germany! Hope to see you in September. Stay well!

Alexandra - March 16, 2021

Glad you’re open again!

Manny R. Aleixo - March 15, 2021

I’m glad you guys are doing well and able to reopen your store and continuing valuing the family time it’s very important.
God bless.
Manny A.

Cai - March 15, 2021


no one could say it better than you just did.
I really appreciate what you were writing, its definitely no platitude its straight and just the fact.
a long time customer,
stay well

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