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PRODUCT REVIEW: Caterpillar Trademark Trouser Work Pants

If you’re looking for a great work pant with all the bells and whistles, this is it! Caterpillar has thought of everything you could want in a work pant and put it into their Trademark Trouser. We have carried this pant for a few years, and we have seen the popularity really grow over time. Once people get working in these pants, they usually stick with them. 

Short Story: Created for durability, loaded with function, and designed for any work environment, the Trademark Trouser has something for everyone. These pants are great if you need to carry a ton of stuff and want a lot of options on how you do it. The main features are front holster pockets, cargo pockets, knee-pad compatible compartments, and nylon reinforcement. These features all combine to make a great product with a lot of options for work.

Caterpillar C172 Trademark Trouser Work Pants at Dave's New York

Long Story: Caterpillar is known for its heavy-duty machinery, but its line of work-clothing is built to be as heavy-duty as the machines they make. The Trademark Trouser is no exception. Caterpillar started with a cotton/polyester-blended fabric that makes the pants lighter weight, but reinforced to withstand any job site. The fit of the pant is slightly relaxed through the seat and thigh with a straight leg opening that fits over work boots. Those are the basic details; but there are a ton of other features, and I will try to list the features and function from the waist down:

  • Belt Loops: The waistband has heavy-duty wide belt loops to help keep your pants up, and stop the “pull” on your belt while you work. They also feature Velcro-style belt loops to add accessories or attachments.
  • Waistband: The inside of the waist has a shirt-gripper waistband to help keep your shirt tucked while you work. It also features two locker loops to hang your pants up to dry after washing or wearing.
  • Holster Pockets: A key feature of these pants is the nylon holster pockets that are sewn to the waistband. They can be worn “out” of the front pockets or tucked into the front pockets for storage. The holster pockets have larger and smaller divided sections for better organization
  • Back Pockets: They are made of nylon as well. This helps prevent them from ripping or tearing whether you put your wallet or your tools inside. 
  • Side Utility Pockets: There are side utility pockets on each leg and they each have separate features. The left utility pocket has multiple size pockets and a place for pens/pencils and a cell phone. The right leg utility pocket has more traditional features like a hammer loop, ruler pocket, and a Velcro-closure secure pocket
  • Knee Pad Pockets: On the front of the knees are nylon-reinforced articulated knee pad pockets. With velcro closure at the top, you can insert a knee pad to help protect you and keep you comfortable while working. Caterpillar also has a knee insert that is sold separately. 
  • Features around the ankle: A nylon reinforcement on the interior of the ankle and a nylon reinforcement surrounding the bottom seam. These truly help the pants last longer. The interior kick-panels prevent wear from rubbing against your work boots, and the bottom prevents fraying.
  • Seams: A final feature has to do with the design of the seams. There is a “diamond” gusset in the crotch which means that instead of a traditional center seam, there is a small extra panel that allows for greater wear and a lower chance of ripping.

The feature list is lengthy, but it is all done for the Tradermark Trouser to be a “Swiss Army knife” of work pants. It has every feature and function you could want, and there is thought behind everything that they have added to these pants. We definitely think they are worth a shot if you’re looking to change out from the traditional canvas pant and if you also find yourself needing more storage. We carry the item in four colors (Black, Grey, Navy, and Night Camo) and in a wide range of sizes.

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Adam, Dave’s New York

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Avi Kerendian - September 9, 2021

My favorite work trousers! Great review ⭐️
- Avi Kerendian

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