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5 Minutes With...Lamar

Our #1 asset is our people, and we truly value their insights and opinions. Each month we’re chatting with a different member of the Dave’s team about their experiences and favorites.  

We are excited for you to get to know our Dave’s family a little bit more through “5 minutes with…” blog posts! Next up is Lamar, a sales associate.

5 Minutes With..Lamar Blog Post

Where are you from? St. Augustine, FL

How long have you worked at Dave’s? 7 months

What’s your favorite brand that we carry? Ben Davis

What’s your favorite color of a Dave’s tee? The new Coral Vintage Logo Sticker Print Tee

What item(s) do you see trending right now? There's a few things that have been selling like crazy. Ben Davis Hickory Stripe work shirts, Dickies 873s [slim fit work pants], Carhartt V01 or V02 vests

Which item are you eyeing for your next purchase? A white Levi’s trucker jacket [Steel Hour]. And I may make some alterations to it to make it my own!

We see so many visitors from all over the world. Where would you like to travel to on your next vacation? I would like to go to Cannes, France. There have been a lot of customers from France, and I have a friend from Cannes, and they always say how beautiful it is. It seems like there’s always a lot of activity and excitement there, and of course the film festival.

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni

Anything else you want to share with us? Dave’s is an institution. It’s one of the few family-owned, small businesses left in NYC. It’s become part of the culture, both here and internationally...whether Dave’s knows it or not. Customers come in and say they love the brand and love what it stands for. It’s so great to see that they respect the brand so much. We’re definitely a staple in this workwear trend that’s going on. Not by design, but because that’s what we’ve always been doing. I think people respect that...that we’re not trend chasers, but that we’ve always been there.

Thanks to Lamar for sharing all of this with us. Be sure to say hi to Lamar next time you visit the store!

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Jack A Johnson - April 12, 2019

Dave’s has a very cool vibe going on.
Good merchandise, good people.

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