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Welcome to the Dave's New York blog!

Dave's New York retail storefront

Retail is an ever-changing business. We (the Dave’s family) have been working in it for over 55 years, and we have seen and experienced a lot. Regardless of how long we have been in the business, it is continually evolving before our eyes. During all this time, we have had some of the best and most loyal friends, both customers and partners in the industry, who have helped us survive and thrive throughout the decades.

Certainly, New York City has changed: the neighborhoods, the storefronts, the tenants, and the fashion. And we also know that many things remain the same. In this forum we hope to bring you a bit of insight into our business, our products, our history, and what we see happening in the retail space. Thanks for being a part of Dave’s!

- Adam, Dave’s New York

PS - Check back frequently - We'll add new blog posts as often as we can!

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Carlos Ramos - November 2, 2023

Hello can you tell me if Bob still works there?

Martin Bracero - March 8, 2019

Dave’s of ny is unique it offers the highest quality construction boots with safty toe composite, also there carl hart line is great as well u can get coveralls, overalls ,jackets Jean’s and hats and gloves by carl hart.
As well as there safty gear jackets and vests,colorful tee’s.
I have been shopping at Daves for quite a few years now and I’ll tell u bring a friend in and he will be hooked you will never go anywhere else again.

Dominic - March 1, 2019

I am an Englishman and Dave’s is just what I was looking for. I am 6" 5’ and sometimes it is a struggle to find clothes I like and that fit and are that sensibly priced.
Dave’s fits the bill without a doubt, I bout a jacket, jeans a handful of Timberland and Carhartt tops that I just can’t find here in Europe.

I love the shop and I will be back during my next visit to NYC!

Steve From Hertfordshire - March 1, 2019

Dave’s is my favourite shop in nyc – whenever I visit from the UK to see our daughter I stop by. Staff are great, friendly and knowledgeable and welcoming. My son in law introduced me to you store about 5 years ago – I will be back!

Jeremiah O'Sullivan - March 1, 2019

There is nothing like Dave’s in London.

Barry Sumeray - March 1, 2019

Dave’s is great and full marks to your staff! Was in NYC a few weeks ago and visited. Service always with a smile. More products on show than online which is a pity as I am in UK!!!! Still great regardless. Barry, London

PeterBohan - March 1, 2019

Dave you guys got the best quality of clothing you always friendly always a good atmosphere with your workers your wife is a lovely woman very very helpful all the time and yourself you guys got one great store keep up the good business I’m always happy when I leave there with and if you don’t have it you get it for me that’s why you guys read a good quality clothing store God bless and all the best keep it going

Steve Baker - March 1, 2019

I shop at Dave’s NY for two reasons service and value.
You can’t get the service you get at Dave’s on line or in a department store. Also the quality of the jeans is phenomenal!!! The price is very good. It’s the only place I shop for jeans

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