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"Work Hard Every Day"

A t-shirt to support frontline workers

This pandemic has brought the world as we know it to a halt. People are sheltered, businesses are closed, and families are dealing with immeasurable stress and grief, while figuring out how to survive week to week. During this crisis we are feeling a bit helpless. As a retailer we do not have the capabilities to manufacture PPE. As a small business we have limited cash and resources. As a family, we are trying to support each other by keeping everyone safe. But we are not unique - there are so many people who are doing whatever they can to help. And we want to do our part as well.

“Work Hard Every Day” is a motto that we use at our store that emphasizes a level of dedication and effort that we know we must have in order to be successful. We want to share this mantra with everyone who feels that same sense of drive and determination as we do no matter what they’re doing. Earlier this year we designed a t-shirt that expressed that feeling, and it was supposed to go on sale this Spring.

Work Hard Every Day T-shirts at Dave's New York

In the midst of this pandemic, it doesn’t feel like the right time to launch a new product for profit. But it does feel like the perfect opportunity to make a contribution to the frontline workers. These doctors, nurses, and health professionals are exhibiting a level of dedication and effort that most of us can’t even imagine. Giving every ounce of their energy to treating COVID-19 patients. 

So we are launching the “Work Hard Every Day” t-shirts to support these frontline workers in NYC. We will be donating proceeds from these t-shirt sales to a charity that is making an impact two-fold. Fuel the Fight NYC is raising money to buy meals from NYC restaurants that are struggling to survive during the pandemic and feed healthcare workers who are on the front-lines battling COVID-19. Every dollar is being injected back into the NYC restaurant industry in order to support small businesses and show appreciation to our friends, family, neighbors, and fellow New Yorkers and Americans on the front lines. 

We honor the frontline workers who have proven during this crisis that they truly embody the “Work Hard Every Day” ideals. We can’t do their jobs for them, but we can help them in other ways - and you can too.  Please help us support these workers who are fighting for patients’ lives and these small businesses that are fighting for their livelihoods.  

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