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PRODUCT REVIEW: Dickies Eisenhower Jackets

The Dickies Eisenhower jackets are so ubiquitous, and so prevalent in the work and fashion world, that you may not even notice how often you walk by someone wearing one. Today we are looking at what makes this staple jacket...

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Red Wing 10875 vs. 405 Moc Toe Work Boots

Red Wing is known for several things: heavy-duty work boots, quality craftsmanship, dedication to functionality, and also holding themselves to the highest standards in the industry. Regardless of what boot they are making, Red Wing puts their core ideals into...

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Dave’s New York - Reopening to customers

June 22nd marks the first time in over 3 months since the last customer was in our store. Needless to say, no one could have foreseen what had transpired and going forward, we cannot be sure of what the future...

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What will retail look like when it reopens?

This virus has wreaked havoc on our daily lives, and affected every facet of our habits and routines. As some places are starting to reopen the question we are getting asked is, “What will retail look like when stores are...

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